Kolkata gets a new Pan-Asian restaurant Nori

The restaurant’s food is curated by expat Chef Franquilino P Padua.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta News Editor
Japanese cuisine

Pan-Asian restaurant Nori, which also serves Japanese cuisine, has been launched at the Westin Kolkata Rajarhat.

Subhash Sinha, General Manager, The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, said, “Nori is a refreshing addition to our celebrated hotel and we are excited to introduce a wide range of Pan-Asian and Japanese dishes to the food connoisseurs in Kolkata.”

Ambience of New Restaurant

The newly opened restaurant is occupied with 60 seats. It has Shogi screen doors, which lead to a private Tatami dining room that is easily accessed with Western-style Japanese seating on a raised platform.

Nori’s VIP dining room provides privacy with a casual ambience of simplified laser cut wall panels. Its communal dining table and a semi-private dining area offer more individual dining choices.

“We are sure the city will enjoy our signature offerings complemented with an excellent view of the city’s skyline. Needless to say, our patrons will be pampered in an ambience and hospitality symbolic of our brand, all in all making it an unforgettable Asian dining experience that will keep them coming back for more,” Sinha stated.

Food Offering

The restaurant’s food is curated by expat Chef Franquilino P Padua, a specialist in Japanese and Asian cuisine with over a decade of experience under his belt.

Padua said, “Fresh, minimalistic, exquisite flavour and visual beauty are the philosophies behind the food at Nori. Our focus is on the natural simplicity of chosen fresh ingredients handpicked from local and international markets and presenting them in a refined manner in a bid to retain the original flavour of the Asian classics.”

Nori’s noteworthy dishes include Sakura Salad, Crispy Lotus Fritters, Tod Man Khao Pod, Scallion Pancake, Po Pia Je, Eoi Tempura, Twice-cooked Pork Ribs, Fragrant Chili Prawn, Cho Tam, Chongqing Mala Chicken, Truffle Scented Edamame, Spicy Crystal Chicken Coriander, Sastsumaimo Roll, Aburi Shake, Crunchy Maguro, Dragon Roll, Steamed Kolkata Betki, Kambing Masak Kurma, Hunan Spinach and Morning Glory, etc.

Its menu also includes desserts like Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Dragon Fruit, Matcha Cheese Cake and Baked Coconut Custard. The restaurant will also serve traditional Japanese drink Sake with a twist, which includes options like Koji Haiku, Tokyo Mule, Tom Yum Siam, Sake Sling and more.

Sinha added, “Our expat chef, Padua, brings with him years of expertise in Japanese cooking skills, specially Teppanyaki. At Nori, we bring in seafood, greens and other traditional ingredients directly from Japan to give our guests the authenticity.”