A new chain of vegetarian fine dining restaurant launches in Hyderabad

The new restaurant will have various cuisines including a selection of Asian, Thai, Chinese, Arabic & Egyptian.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta News Editor

A new vegetarian fine dining restaurant chain, Masala Republic, has been launched by Dadu’s, a pioneer in hand-crafted, traditional Indian sweets and snacks, in Hyderabad’s Himayatnagar.

Masala Republic is specially designed with an eye for the young and urban people who can enjoy and relish incredible food.

The new restaurant will have various cuisines that include a selection of Asian, Thai, Chinese, Arabic & Egyptian. It is the unification of global experiences with surprise elements of local cultures. Masala Republic has a separate section for Ice creams, where they serve their signature flavours of ice creams.

Rajesh Dadu, Owner of Dadus, said, “We are proud to foray into vegetarian fine space by introducing our modern contemporary brand Masala Republic. With its beautiful ambience & eloquent service we will give more room for our guests to chill, enjoy, unwind and have a relaxed time. Masala Republic will enhance the overall offering of the Dadu’s Group and provide the best vegetarian fine dining experience in Hyderabad.”

Muskaan Dadu added, “We are very excited to launch the Masala Republic restaurant. This is a fun filled restaurant where guests will experience the finest modern Indian food, prepared by using strong elements and flavours. Keeping in mind the various culinary interests of people, we have brought in all special cuisines across the world, making Masala Republic as the center for the food lovers.”