The Irish House presents its globally crowd sourced ‘All Good Inside’ bar & eats menu

The ‘All Good Inside’ menu has different yet familiar flavour palettes centred around ‘preference inclusivity’.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer
The Irish House

Mumbai knows that going to a bar is much like coming home, your favorite server knows your go-to drink, your designated table and even your friend preferences. For 8 years counting, The Irish House has fulfilled this duty much like a marine in the army, with strict diligence and stout devotion. It is this customer fidelity that has given birth to its all-new food philosophy at The Irish House.

Its core team (from across the kitchen, bar, training, operations and marketing) has traversed the length and breadth of pub-loving countries across the globe, matched current gastronomy and mixology trends with Indian sensibilities, conducted repeated secret customer trials across months of experimentation to present the ‘All Good Inside’ menus and a brand new #TheIrishMood.

Crowdsourced over 300 days from journeys across United States, London, Ireland, Europe, South America, Middle East among other countries, the brand’s team has worked overtime to ensure that no one taste metric is out of place and to ensure that you have fun while you eat food that is good for your gut and drink cocktails pleasing your liver.

Sanju Arora, General Manager, The Irish House, said, “Hunger is a good sauce, especially when it comes to innovation. This menu has been in development for over a year when we first realized that Indian bars are making a mark across the globe but not for their food. #TheIrishMood, we believe, is a frame of mind. It is the cornerstone of our evolution and embodies our spirit of making merry with a conscience.”

The Irish House presents its globally crowd sourced ‘All Good Inside’ bar & eats menu

“We dream of Irish House to be more than a bar, hence as part of this revolution, the ‘all good inside’ menu has been carefully crafted to bring a fresh change from the earlier one, packed with a bunch of healthier yet bar-friendly options, new flavor profiles, new ingredients and new cooking/ mixing styles for food as well as drinks. A lot of attention has been paid to ensure all dishes and drinks are brand new, with a healthy balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian across categories to give sufficient options for lunch, dinner and everything in-between catering to all sorts of moods. As we set a new mood for patrons to come visit us, we aim to change the perception that bars currently exude in the nightlife space,” he added.

‘All Good Inside’ menu

The ‘All Good Inside’ menu has different yet familiar flavor palettes centered around ‘preference inclusivity’. There are extended grilled and baked options for clean eaters, diet-friendly food as well as cocktail options for keto/ vegan/ paleo lovers (yes, keto-cocktails!). At the same time, there are some seriously indulgent options for those looking to fulfill any and every craving for all things fried or potent.

With a balance of innovative cocktails, the various spirits have been respectively matched with a new flavor, fresher mixers, house-made bitters & liqueurs, theatrics, and new garnishes. The food menu brings a whole new range of house-made dips, sauces and cooking techniques to add unique, yet identifiable flavors combined with the use of new ingredients (spices, meats, seafood, vegetables), each with its own International inspiration. These have been tried and tested across the year with patrons to ensure that our offerings are of the highest standard possible.

The Irish House presents its globally crowd sourced ‘All Good Inside’ bar & eats menu

The food section will now introduce creative health-conscious options across Appetizers, Community Eats, Burgers, Pastas, Pizzas, Mains and Desserts. The drinks section will creatively headline House Specials, Gin Corner, Community Cocktails, Shooters, Classics and Teetotaler Specials as well.

Some key selections include:

Eats: Pita Pan (baked pita chips with special dips), Mini Mezze (spicy hummus with grilled pita and falafels), German Imbiss (grilled sausages in german curry ketchup), Skinny Chimichurri (chicken/ cottage cheese grilled with chimichurri glaze), Skewed Jamaican (chicken/ cottage cheese grilled with jerk-spiced glaze), Messy Wild Wings (roasted and glazed chicken wings), Sloppy Ribs (braised pork ribs in a cranberry glaze), Chill-antro Fish (grilled Nile Perch fish in a cilantro glaze), Mediterranean Market (community eat with various Mediterranean dips, breads, salads), Carnivore’s Grilled Platter (grilled jerk chicken, chimichurri chicken, Turkish lamb pop, roast chicken wings), Greek Gyros, Summer Garden Pizza, Caribbean Party Pizza, Charcoal Ribbons (house-made activated charcoal pasta), Lebanese Toss (Fattoush salad), Italic Stacks (grilled cottage cheese lasagna), Fisherman’s Catch (grilled and baked Nile Perch fish with cilantro caper sauce), Drunken Waffle Wich (waffle sandwich with bourbon cream).

The Irish House presents its globally crowd sourced ‘All Good Inside’ bar & eats menu

Bar: Dublin Wisdom, Gooseberry Island, Inverted Passion, Detonator, Tropical Sundowner, Eldertwist, Porter’s Punch, Bourbon Fig, Orchid Haze, Dark Monk, Wine Crackle, Scarlet Head (keto), Fizzy Stalker (keto), Mega Mules (1 litre mule mugs), Irish Cauldron (giant cauldron with potent cocktail), Botanical Tray (house-infused GnTs served in large watering can), Celebration Tray (special dessert shots and a candle for a celebration).