Mumbai dabbawalas To Serve organic vegetables To Mumbaikars

The business aims to deliver organic produce through their Six Sigma-certified supply chain.
  • Franchise India Team Editor
Restaurant India

Having served lunch tiffins across Mumbai, the Mumbai dabbawalas have planned to set up a start-up business, in the food processing sector.

President Mumbai dabbawalas association Ritesh Andre opened up about the startup business while speaking to the media after a talk at Karnavati University in Ahmedabad, saying that the start-up will supply organic produce.

“We are in the process of developing a business model for our startup. Most dabbawalas come from farming families that grow organic grain and vegetables. The idea of the business is to deliver organic produce through their Six Sigma-certified supply chain. We will use technology for the same purpose. Andre spoke about how dabbawalas are embracing technology,” he said.

“Various IT companies approach us with a number of business models, but it is difficult to implement them with the same efficiency and we continued with our existing model. However, after the implementation of goods and services tax (GST), we are in the process of adopting a financial technology,” he explained.

“We are getting software made to manage funds from their inoperative income, which comes from advertising, training and lecture sessions and even charity. All this income is deposited in their trust,” said Andre while explaining technological incorporation into the startup.

He also said that their team is expanding to cities like Chennai and Pune.