Henfruit launches different assortments of All Natural eggs

These assortments include Cage-free eggs Corn-fed eggs and Humpty Dumpty eggs
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With a vision to create a healthier lifestyle that fits in everyone’s pocket, Henfruit, a Delhi and Punjab-based producer and supplier of eggs, has launched different assortments of All Natural eggs. These assortments include Cage-free eggs, Corn-fed eggs and Humpty Dumpty eggs.

The hens at Henfruit are fed formulations which are based on the consultation of their panel of five doctors. The doctors hand-pick the ingredients and set the ratio for each different variant of egg that every hen consumes. These ingredients include herbs like tulsi, prasparani, hadjod, groundnut, soy, turmeric, wheat corn, etc. 

Tarun Gupta, Co-Founder, Henfruit, said, "We believe that the root cause of leading lifestyle diseases and an unhealthy gut is adulterated and genetically-modified (GM) food, and finding truly all natural, organic and health aiding foods is a big challenge. So, we decided to take this challenge and have started on a journey with a mission to make India healthy, one food at a time."