BillionSmiles Hospitality to open first BonSouth's franchise outlet in Pune

The brand s franchise is planning to position itself as a global grill-based buffet restaurant
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BillionSmiles Hospitality Pvt Ltd (BHPL) will soon launch BonSouth's first franchise outlet in Pune. The brand's franchise is planning to position itself as a global grill-based buffet restaurant.

Having over a dozen restaurants, BHPL is serving more than 30 plus companies in its catering business in Bangalore and Pune. The company is further looking to set footprints in new markets of Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Hyderabad with UpSouth and BonSouth brands.

Vijay Abhimanyu, Managing Director of BillionSmiles Hospitality, said, "BonSouth will revamp and will bring a new offering in Pune market with longest lava stone grill on the customer's table which we call 'Celebration Table', serving extensive dishes from Asian cuisine, Indian cuisine and contemporary world fusion. BonSouth is committed to bring great food quality and variety in grill based buffet servings in a modern casual service format, which is missing in all unlimited serving concepts in market."

Kumar Gaurav, Vice President, BillionSmiles Hospitality, said, "We are here to create a diversified unique grill based unlimited food serving concept with upscale service in a defined environment, where food quality, presentation, convenience and uniqueness are the driving factors. We are looking forward to create an impactful presence in cosmopolitan markets of different metro cities in India through franchising options."