Pristine Organics offers its individual range of Millet products

Pristine s range of individual millets offer 100 organic millets rich in dietary fiber and nutrients
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Pristine Organics, a Bengaluru-based food technology & FMCG company, pioneering research in Food R&D is offering five individual ranges of millets products, namely – Little Millet, Foxtail Millet, Banyard Millet, Proso Millet and Kodo Millet.

Millet is one of the ancient and oldest food known to mankind. This super crop being reclaimed its importance in the current scenario of global warming, food security and recommended by renowned nutritionists and chefs across the world for its rich dietary fibre and nutritionally superior grain. There are a total nine varieties of millets grown across India.

Pristine’s range of individual millets products offers 100% organic millets, rich in dietary fiber and nutrients, gluten free and vegan. These ranges of millets product are ideal for cholesterol, sugar level management and for weight control. 

Speaking about the benefits of millet, K.C. Raghu, Founder & MD, Pristine Organics said, “The history of millets in our food goes back to about 15 thousand years. They are nutritionally rich in complex carbohydrates, high dietary fibre, good fatty acids and phytonutrients; making it ideal for sedentary lifestyle contrary to popular belief. From ecological point of view, millets are resource conserving and climate compliant. In the last couple of years, there has been a noticeable awareness on healthy eating, as a responsible stakeholders we need to conserve diversity of diet and consequently unknowingly nutrition and human health.”

The company sells a variety of certified organic foods products right from baby food, cereals, biscuits, porridge, cold pressed edible oils, flour, rock salt, coffee to baby massage oil, nutritional supplements and health mix. The brand also creates personalized monthly supply of Health Basket which are tailored diets as per the specific health condition which consists of exotic combination of diverse organic foods range. The Health Basket is available for Weight Reduction, Sugar Control, Heart Health, and Pregnancy & Lactation Diet.