Demiurgic Hospitality Launches Their New Brand “iDabba”

Demiurgic Hospitality is already serving Gurugram people with their other brands like World in a Box, Deseez, Bitez.
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Demiurgic Hospitality gives another reason to Gurugram people to smile and enjoy the home cooked food with the launch of their new brand “iDabba”. iDabba is the next gen lunching solution for the corporates and millennial currently available in Gurugram only through website and app orders. It removes the mundane of daily eating and gives you nutritious meals at comfort of your work. The cost of iDabba starts at Rs.99/- only.

“With the derth of eating out options, nobody is able to fill the gap of homely cooked food for lunch which has been an integral part of us growing up. With introducing iDabba we aim to fill this gap at very reasonable prices” says Chef Gautam Chaudhary, M.D. Demiurgic Hospitality.

Demiurgic Hospitality is already serving Gurugram people with their other brands like: World in a Box, Deseez, Bitez. With a plethora of options available to choose from every day, you really don’t need to repeat your meal ever. The food is made in state of the art kitchen situated in Gurgaon, in most hygienic condition using fresh produce from local farms and farmers, all this at a price which is cheaper than you procuring ingredients and making at home.

“The biggest challenge at such low ticket size is building unit economics green. We are hopeful that we are marching in right direction and we do not build business which grows profitable only at volumes but also at unit level”, says Nitish Jha, VP, Operations, Marketing & Sales.

There is a new menu everyday and have multiple options to customize your meals the way you like it. All this comes at affordable prices, making it possible to eat your every meal from outside. Offices can also pre order for large group of employees thus removing the need for maintaining cafeteria and outsourcing to third party vendors. Individuals can order as less as 1 dabba with nominal delivery fees.