Amphora joins hands with wine sommelier Cecilia Oldne in India

When it comes to market sales, India is about to overtake China as Amphora’s biggest market outside the UK.
  • Franchise India Team Editor
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Cecilia Oldne, one of the best known sommeliers of the wine industry in India, has partnered with London-based fine wine investment firm Amphora Portfolio Management.

Amphora Portfolio Management was set up in London in 2009, and has been operating in India since 2014. The investment firm not only builds and manages but stores bespoke fine wine portfolios for collectors, investors and wine enthusiasts. 

David Jackson, Chief Executive Officer, Amphora Portfolio Management, said, "For me, India is far more than simply commercial success. These last four years have been a total joy and an incredible adventure. My clients in India have all, without exception; become personal friends, and I have had the privilege of exploring the far corners of this fascinating country." 

India is about to overtake China as Amphora's biggest market outside the UK. 

Cecilia Oldne, Amphora's India partner and Ambassador, shares her views on this collaboration, "India is learning fast when it comes to wines, but not many people know what a great investment commodity this liquid luxury can be too." 

Storage is crucial when it comes to fine wines. Even the best investment-grade wines lose their value if not stored in the right manner. This helps investors make smart decisions by applying quantitative analysis techniques taken from the financial markets. 

Once an investor puts their money on a portfolio of wine, it is bought on their behalf and then registered in their name. Later it is stored in an insured and climate-controlled London warehouse, regulated by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC0. The company's team also arranges the sales of the wines for a profit on behalf of its clients.