Domino’s may deliver pizza on electric vehicles in Queensland

It can deliver easily to apartments and inner city areas.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

Domino’s Pizza in Queensland, Australia is trying delivery on electric vehicles and has tied up with Brisbane-based electric mobility company Emos.

It can deliver easily to apartments and inner city areas.

“The move to electric delivery vehicles has “grown from the drive to become a greener and quieter fleet, because we trade [largely] late at night. Motorised scooters are noisy and green is the way to go – we’ve been playing for some time with the green space and what it means, and what we’ve learned is the best service is a tight delivery area,” said Rian Bell, Chief development officer, Domino’s-Australia and New Zealand to The  Driven.

While Domino’s has for some time had a sizeable e-bike fleet, Bell said that the footprint of the three-wheeled iLark has an advantage because it can be more easily parked off the street.

“They’re also easy to get around traffic and pedestrians,” he added. “We think they’ll be a fast efficient delivery model for us.”

While the range of the vehicles is around 35 kilometres, it is simple to have an extra battery charged back at base, allowing a quick turnaround to get the scooter back on the road.