Coca-Cola to launch new range of cheaper aerated drinks to compete with local brands

The upcoming range of aerated drinks will be 35-40 cheaper than Coke Sprite and Fanta Named as Kinley Flavors the range of drinks will be launched in popular localized flavors such as lemon jeera and orange
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Soft drink major, Coca-Cola is set to launch a new category of aerated drinks in a bid to compete with the growing demand and popularity of local brands. The upcoming range of aerated drinks will be 35-40% cheaper than Coke, Sprite, and Fanta. Named as Kinley Flavors, the range of drinks will be launched in popular localized flavors such as lemon, jeera, and orange.

According to media reports, there are more than 200 beverage companies spread in local areas which offer half the prices as that charged by MNCs. Combined together, they own a consolidated share of over 12% of the Rs 22000-crore packaged aerated drinks category.

With Kinley Flavors, the company plans to target at the bottom segment of the market to compete with these local players.The beverages will be among the cheapest for Coca-Cola across markets. The new launch will be available in 250ml PET packs at attractive price points. The company is doing pilots in selected market areas and will be going to expand over time.

"Coca-Cola has developed a new value-based proposition for price-conscious consumers in aerated beverages", a Coca-Cola spokesperson told ET.

Besides, Coca-Cola is also expected to launch the Monster Energy drink over the next few weeks. Monster Beverage Corp. is an independent firm which has had a long-term strategic partnership with Coca-Cola to boost growth in the global energy drinks category since 2014.

With the implementation of the goods and services tax (GST) starting July 1, Coca-Cola prices of its aerated beverages will increase while those of packaged drinking water brand Kinley will drop. Aerated beverages have been taxed at an effective rate of 40%, due to which there will be a marginal increase in prices of its existing soft drinks range.