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Building Restaurants of Tomorrow

Indian Restaurant Congress has set a benchmark among restaurant fraternity for building a world class show on the business of restaurants in India. After 9 successful on ground editions, Indian Restaurant Congress & Awards is back with its 10th annual physical edition. Over the years IRC has grown as a premium thought leadership networking platform for the Food & Beverage Community of the country. IRC over the years has brought together more than 50,000 food professionals and foodpreneurs of from across the world at a single platform. Together we have celebrated, deliberated and witnessed the growth of the industry even in the darkest periods of the pandemic. The last 2 years have not only taught us how to innovate and renovate the business models but have also opened new gateways of opportunities for the F & B community. Celebrating its 10th year of success by overcoming all the hurdles that the Covid-19 crisis brought to the world, this edition will embark and take you through the journey for brands, owners, chefs and individuals who have kept themselves ahead of the game. Last two years has taught us many in things in general and two things in particular- to be able to be consistent and innovation as the core value. With a clear business focus in mind, this year’s conference will invite top investors who have invested in the brands during last few years, chain restaurants who have some exciting stories to fight through the crisis, F&B entrepreneurs who bravely stood strong and innovated their ventures as per customer’s demand, regional restaurant owners and start-ups who stretched themselves and expanded beyond geographies, tech companies who won the game by staying afloat during this period and lastly to chefs and foodies who have kept the trend going. Top restaurant brand, chefs, experts and professionals will come together for two days of networking, debate, discussion and learning – showcasing new trends, business concepts and championing the innovations which has the potential to transform the sector.
Going by the industry analysis and the future market spotlight, Indian Restaurant Congress 2021 is themed #BUILDINGRESTAURANTSOFTOMORROW . Indian Restaurant Congress will be building and nurturing the food service innovation ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs and creating platforms for collaboration. It is the platform where restaurants, chefs, brands would find future business models, menu, Ideas to address tomorrow’s market demand. Come, be a part of India’s largest conference on Restaurant Business!!!

Benefits of the Awards

Restaurant Awards will award Top Restaurants, Restaurateurs, Café, Bars , Bakery and Chefs who are doing phenomenal work across the country. Restaurant Awards premium focus is to create recognition for various industry experts who are part of this affluent industry. The awards will create a platform for the Indian players to showcase their expertise and gain prominence in the international markets by acknowledging outstanding creativity, customer service and top quality dining that is on offer throughout India. The show will attract more than 500 stakeholders and key thought leaders from top restaurants and F&B brands . the India market.

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WHY #IRC 2021

  • Great Speakers India’s most prominent Restaurant show, where more than 500 restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, and experts gather together
  • Networking Influential restauranteurs, thought leaders, innovative suppliers and industry titans join the show. They're all here. The show is your prime opportunity to reconnect with existing industry contacts and meet new ones to help drive your business forward, from the convenience of your home.
  • Knowledge Hear intriguing insights on the latest insights from Food & Restaurant industry leaders and visionary experts. Sit back and learn as Restaurateurs, chefs and industry professionals share their secret sauce from new techniques to modern classics.
  • Recognition Recognizing the Industry Leaders. The Awards will be the biggest in the industry representing the best of Top Restaurants, Restaurateurs, Café, Bars, Bakery and Chefs who are doing a phenomenal work across the country.


10:00- 10:15 AM Inauguration and Welcome Note by Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-chief, Franchise India Media
10:15-11:15 AM Building Restaurants of tomorrow
This session will feature Restaurant Brand leaders who have shown resilience and paved the way for the Foodservice sector. From setting examples with new-age concepts, carving brand’s growth story, and giving their teams reason to be positive and to celebrate and rejoice. So, join us for an exclusive session wherein Stellar Business Leaders will share shares industry trends and new learnings.

Session Highlights:
  • State of the Indian foodservice industry: Leaders, Outlook, and Expectations
  • Post-Pandemic Future of Food Safety
  • Personalization, customer service, proximity: Why it’s more important than ever before
  • Technology: Elevating customer/store experience
  • Building brands for the future: What to learn & unlearn?
  • How to innovate and adapt to shifts in business.
11:15 AM-11:30 AM
11:30 AM- 12:15 PM
Revolutionizing the QSR: Restaurants Re-imagined

Session Highlights:
  • Partnering for growth: Extending your business beyond boundaries
  • Omni-channel is a new journey: Why it’s not just about retail anymore
  • Taking advantage of social platforms: How Top Brands are building a world-class brand in both physical and Digital
  • Voice and chat-based ordering: How QSR brands are staying ahead of the game
  • Dining-in 2021: How it began, how’s the response, road ahead
  • Building Loyalty: Lessons learned from top QSRs: Handling crisis, supply chain hacks
12:15- 12:30 PM Keynote Session
12:30 PM- 1:30 PM Delivery & Pickup: How Business can thrive in it
Sharing the stage, some of the most prominent and progressive Brand Leaders will spill secrets on what’s been most effective in driving delivery and attracting new customers & maximizing to-go business with best practices, menu adaptation, and innovative ideas.

Session Highlights:
  • Creating a Fluid and safe experience and Food safety outside your restaurant
  • Winning Big by Building a Subscription business
  • Creative Menus: Offering packages such as family meals, curated kits, wine-and-food pairings, and themed dinners
2:30-2:45 PM The internet restaurants: How Dark kitchens are cooking up a storm in India’s F&B Service
This session discusses the economics and operations of Dark kitchens and how they can help operators generate sales and entrepreneurs make money fast.

Session Highlights:

  • Knowing your product, consumer, and market: survive the ‘drive’
  • Food aggregators vs Own delivery fleet: evaluating the right options for delivery
  • Packaging it right: How ‘packaging’ has taken a center-stage in-home dining
  • Analyzing the right data: How to create a personalized, cost-effective consumer experience
2:45- 3:30 PM Culinary Food trends to look in 2021 and beyond: Health, Taste & Sustainable Menus that work for consumer and Business

Session Highlights:
  • Future of food: How does the restaurant menu look like
  • Winning big with Plant-based innovations: How top chefs are playing with it
  • Evaluating the best prices: Innovation vs old school
  • Developing new model: emerging trends in the business
  • Maintaining menu and food standards With Third-Party Delivery Partners
3:30-3:45 PM Keynote Session

3:45-4:30 PM The economics of moving from Food Service to Food products: Beyond the Four walls

Session Highlights:
  • The Menu R&D and Innovation
  • The Right Product menu looking at your Brand and TG
  • Brand Licensing trends that are changing the Future Foodservice Landscape
  • Sustainability as game-changer: Why you need to adopt macro trends
10:30 AM- 11:15 AM Serving the Customer Digitally: How restaurants are Building a Virtual approach

Session Highlights:
  • Lessons learned: The Insider guide to building a customer-centric brand
  • Tech-transformation: How voice-based ordering is changing ordering behavior
  • Access to Actionable Data: Knowing your customer inside out
  • How Digital Menus are changing the consumer experience for Ordering
11:15- 12:00 PM Capital Connection: Putting in perspective investment strategies for food and restaurant brands

Session Highlights:
  • It’s raining Money in F&B: Why it’s the right time to go Public
  • Angel/VC Funding: How tech-based players have become the first love of investors
  • Collaborations and partnerships: Fueling growth via M&A
  • Consolidation in the Food service industry: What’s gotta give
12:00 – 1:00 PM How Restaurants are spicing up with Technology The right tech tools to manage the rapidly changing Foodservice landscape for Restaurants

Session Highlights:
  • The Technology-based future of the Kitchen: changing the channel in the restaurant game
  • How AI is changing food and service in-Store
  • How Technology will be driving personalized consumer experience of the future
  • Contactless payments: The Boon and Bane for Business
1:00- 2:00 PM Networking Lunch
2:00-2:45 PM More is less: Why it’s time to look at new geographies

Session Highlights:
  • Mall v/s High Street: What kind of real estate brands are looking for
  • What are new formats/model brands are fitting their biz into
  • Development Strategies: How Restaurants found new love with Retail
  • Finding Partners: How to retain your Culture and Personality & prevent them from fragmenting?
  • How to find the Balance - the slower you move the faster you die or could fast growth kill you?
  • New Location dynamics: Co-working & Corporate, Transit Retail, Neighborhood retail, and more
2:45- 3:30 PM Supply Chain Re-imagined- Source, make, deliver & return The Omnichannel Way forward for a Brand

Session Highlights:
  • Key challenges and solutions in meeting supply issues
  • Sustainability in Motion: How operators are building environmental focus biz
  • Building a supply chain network: Maximizing Success and Avoiding Mistakes
3:30-4:15 PM How brands are marketing it right

Session Highlights:
  • The economics of Social - ROI of the time and money and effort
  • Influencing the new age customer: What are top LTOs brands are focusing on
  • Winning it big with Loyalty: Why it’s important to focus on regular customers
  • Influencer marketing: How to really influence consumers decision making
4:15 -5 PM How Happy Staff can turn your customer into a fan

Session Highlights:
  • Best practices to Hire for Attitude and then Aptitude
  • How Restaurateur & Chefs can bond for better User experience?
  • How to get Managers and Staff to engage more with Customers - to stop just talking at consumers but learning to start real conversations

Who Should Attend?

  • Restaurateur and Business professional who are keen on learning new trends People looking for investment in their fnb business/ want to raise fund Packaged food companies Supply Chain Professionals/Procurement head and directors eyeing restaurants and food brands Food-technology experts, historians and Researchers
  • Someone interested in starting a restaurant/bar Companies wanting to collaborate with food businesses Real estate owners/mall developers Restaurant HR and People professionals in the segment Food Consultants who are looking at potential brands
  • People wanting to start a dark kitchen/cloud kitchen/delivery business Beverage brands Food bloggers and journalist with keen interest in food and restaurants Chefs and Food Trends Experts


Understanding this growing need and opportunity for integrated Restaurant businesses, we are please to share with you that parallel to the convention will be an expo designed as one stop shop for exploring: best technology suppliers, innovative tools, tie-up with best in league distribution channels, co-branding alliances, international development opportunities, best data management and teacher training tools and many more either to enhance the learning process or to evaluate it in perspective of helping build the Indian Restaurant system on international lines.
Understanding the scope of Technology deployment in Dark Kitchen and Restaurant design.

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