Brand Amma gives tough competition

Sets up canteen all over Tamil Nadu
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Amma Unavagams, the canteen opened by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa which is functional all over Tamil Nadu since last year is serving foods that many restaurants find hard to manage.

The brand Amma is serving sambar rice which is full of three kinds of vegetables and tastes good and fresh. The canteen is known as Amma Unavagams and serving idli costs at Rs 1, sambar rice at Rs 5 per plate, and curd rice at Rs 3.

Not only this Amma brand is also serving water, salt and is planning to enter into the pharmacies. Presently there are 294 canteens running under the brand name and Jayalalithaa is planning to add 360 more in the years to come.

On the condition of anonymity, a person associated with Amma brand, said, “These are popular schemes, beneficial to both the public and the women employed there and we are committed to keeping the prices constant.”

According to him approximately 2.5 lakh people eat daily at the canteen.