Sequel launches its 3rd outlet in BKC

The BKC location marks the brand’s foray into the formal dining space, with clean eating.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

Mumbai-based restaurant brand Sequel that advocates clean, organic eating, has launched its third outlet, in BKC.

The brand is the brainchild of founder & chef Vanika Choudhary.

After a stunning renovation of Sequel’s Bandra space by renowned designer Ashiesh Shah, Choudhary and Shah have reunited on the BKC launch, creating a space that imbues a touch of luxurious seamlessness with Shah’s signature ‘Wabi-Sabi’ aesthetic.

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The BKC location marks the brand’s foray into the formal dining space, with clean eating and the freshest, organic produce remaining, as ever, at the core of Sequel’s philosophy.

In a continued bid to keep Sequel’s vibrant, fresh produce center stage, a monotonal design aesthetic has been chosen, with rough, textured walls, and a patterned, terracotta brick floor.

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The restaurant is divided into three, distinct areas. The first, a  grab-and-go section, allows guests in a hurry to take their favourite order to go. The second is a soft-edged café space, umbrellaed by fluid, oyster-like light fixtures, while a crisply-finished central partition leads into a formal dining room that exudes a sense of subtle luxury, slow living, and refinement. The dining room is enrobed by a warm honey oak wood veneer that runs fluidly from the ground onto the walls and along the gridded façade, highlighting how the design creates a wholesome experience of a sensorial meal.