Zenith Drinks brings the world's 1st complete anti-ageing beverage

Auric is a 100 natural beverage with no chemicals or preservatives
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Zenith Drinks has introduced Auric beverages, positioned as the world's 1st complete Anti-Ageing beverage. 

With over 100 years of experience, Ayurvedic doctors and ancient literature have guided Auric to create unique concoctions of eight herbs, including Ashwagandha, Brahmi and Gotu kola. 

Auric is a 100% natural beverage with no chemicals or preservatives. It contains low-calorie and is much healthier than fresh juice.

Apart from helping in restoring the balance of free radicals and anti-oxidants, Auric also enhances the anti-inflammation capability of mind, body and skin. It is an epitome of vitality.

Auric is presently being retailed at more than 500 stores in New Delhi, Chandigarh and Gurgaon. The company is further planning to create a distribution network in the top 15 cities in India and in more than five countries over the next three years.

Deepak Agarwal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Zenith Drinks, said, "Auric is a unique innovation in the functional food segment that addresses the universal need of anti-ageing for health seekers and enthusiasts."

"Built with the mindset of contemporary Ayurveda, Auric wants to meet the aspirations of the modern consumer. I am confident that Auric will be a trendsetter in the functional beverage category," he added.