Parag Milk Foods introduces its premium milk brand in Singapore

Parag Milk claims to be the first Indian company that is selling fresh milk in Singapore
  • vaishnavi News Editor
Parag Milk Foods

Parag Milk Foods has unveiled its farm-to-home premium milk brand 'Pride of Cows' in Singapore. Dairy FMCG company is airlifting the milk from its dairy farm, located in Manchar, near Pune to Singapore.

Parag Milk claims to be the first Indian company that is selling fresh milk in Singapore. Initially, Pride of Cows will be made available through various home delivery platforms.

Devendra Shah, Chairman of Parag Milk Foods, said, "A typical Pride of Cows consumer has an evolved taste preference and is brand as well as health conscious. With an abundance of such consumers in Singapore, we have identified a huge opportunity for expansion there."

"As the consumption of fresh and organic milk has increased in Singapore, consumers have become mindful of the source of the milk they consume and its nutrient content and we believe that there is a dearth of such products in the country," Shah further stated.