Burger King's Impossible Whopper to arrive in San Francisco

Burger King is looking to sell the burger nationally by the end of the year
  • vaishnavi News Editor
Burger King

Burger King's Impossible Whopper will arrive at more than 100 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. The meatless burger features a patty made by the plant-based protein company Impossible Foods.

This burger is already available in Miami, Florida; Columbus, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama; and St. Louis, Missouri, where it was first tested.

Burger King is looking to sell the burger nationally by the end of the year.

Pat Brown, the Impossible CEO, said, "Sales in pretty much all our restaurants have been really surging. We are absolutely doing everything we possibly can to make sure that we're going to be able to deliver a product for future rollouts of the Impossible Whopper."