Bingo becomes Rs 2,500 crore brand

Bingo! has more than doubled its turnover going by consumer spends.
  • vaishnavi News Editor

Bingo, one of the fastest-growing food brands for ITC, is now nearly Rs 2,500 crore brand by consumer spend from just little over Rs 1,000 crore in 2017.

Bingo! has more than doubled its turnover going by consumer spends while Aashirvaad, another fastest-growing food brands for ITC, has crossed Rs 4,500 crore mark.

The FMCG-to-tobacco-to-hotel giant has witnessed a gross turnover of Rs 9,670 crore from foods business. 

ITC said, “Classmate is over Rs 1,400 crore; YiPPee! is over Rs 1,100 crore while Vivel, Mangaldeep and ‘Candyman’ are over Rs 500 crores each. These world-class Indian brands support the competitiveness of domestic value chains of which they are apart, ensuring creation and retention of value within the country. Company’s FMCG brands have achieved impressive market standing in a relatively short span of time.”

“Company’s vibrant food brands such as Aashirvaad, Sunfeast, Bingo!, YiPPee! and B Natural amongst others, enable strong forward linkages for domestic agri-value chains, thereby enhancing their competitiveness and making a meaningful contribution to boost farmer earnings. Encouraged by consumer response, the company is scaling up presence in juices, chocolates, coffee and dairy in a calibrated fashion,” it further stated.