McDonald’s West & South India replaces all single-use plastic

Westlife Development has been replacing plastic at its restaurants since 2017.
  • Vaishnavi Gupta Features Writer

McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India, operated by Westlife Development, have eliminated all single-use customer-facing plastic with eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives.

The government announced October 2, 2019, as the deadline for single-use plastic elimination across India. However, Westlife Development has been replacing plastic at its restaurants since 2017.

McDonald’s has substituted plastic cutlery with wooden cutlery and plastic cups with superior quality paper cups. The company has further launched bio-degradable lids for hot and cold beverages and unveiled straws made from corn starch extract and eventually replaced them with paper straws.

The company said, “Westlife Development is committed to supporting the government’s vision of making India greener and drive sustainability. It has been undertaking initiatives to optimize energy consumption across electricity, gas, and diesel through its proprietary Energy Management System.”

“It has also started converting the Used Cooking Oil from the restaurants to 100% bio-diesel to fuel the delivery trucks. In addition to this, the paper used for the packaging is FSC certified. Through these initiatives, the company has cut its carbon footprint by 4300 tonnes,” it added.

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