Chai Point Moves from Cashback to Product-based Rewards

Additionally if a customer reloads their Chai Point wallet they receive an instant cashback of 3 into their wallet
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By Nusra

Bengaluru- based tea café chain Chai Point has announced the launch of Chai Point Rewards, a loyalty program for its customers.

The Company has launched its new loyalty model approach from cash back driven to product-centric incentives wherein customers can earn points for every rupee spent as they order their favourite beverage whether in the store or online delivery and can redeem points for complimentary drinks.

“With our product focused program, we want to reward the loyalty of our customers and take the program a step further by bringing all of our channels into its scope. This program is bound to evolve in stages and we believe in the near future, we would stand out to be recognized for our endeavors,” shared Amuleek Singh Bijral, Co-founder & CEO, Chai Point.

The program is based on the simple logic of earning ‘Tea Leaves’ (reward points) with every transaction a consumer makes. On every Rs. 10 spent, one Tea Leaf (reward point) can be earned in the customer’s account. On collecting 30 Tea Leaves, the customer gets a FREE chai (hot/iced). The Tea Leaves (reward points) can be collected and spent at Chai Point stores, website, and app.

Additionally, if a customer reloads their Chai Point wallet, they receive an instant cashback of 3% into their wallet. This model has been created to promote cashless transactions and gain customer loyalty.

Chai Point was founded in 2010 by Amuleek Singh Bijral and Professor Tarun Khanna of Harvard Business School and has now grown to become the largest organized Chai Company in India.