Kolkata-based Chowman enters Bengaluru, opens first cloud kitchen

The restaurant was started as a small 4-seater joint in Golfgreen, has grown into a chain of 14 outlets.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

Started in 2010 in Kolkata, Chowman restaurant has opened its first cloud-kitchen in Bengaluru.


The whole idea of the restaurant is to offer best-in-class Chinese cuisine at affordable prices to food lovers.


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“The reason we decided to go the cloud kitchen route in Bangalore was to cater quickly to the working professionals. We chose Whitefield as the location and starting there with a delivery only outlet seemed like the right decision for us,” said Debaditya Chaudhury, Managing Director of Chowman Chain of restaurants as it happened right at the time when pandemic hit the country.


“We opened the outlet but we were able to deliver and serve eager customers right through the tough months,’ added Chaudhury who has concrete plans to open at least 4 outlets in Bangalore by 2021.


The restaurant was started as a small 4-seater joint in Golfgreen, has grown into a chain of 14 outlets in just under 10 years, helping Chowman earn its place amongst one of the best fine-dining Chinese restaurants in Kolkata.

It is our great pride that we have one of the largest delivery fleets in the F&B sector of Kolkata. We have over 120 delivery bikes and we cover each and every corner of Kolkata and nearby areas,” he added who has branded packaging that is completely spill proof, great quality and very durable.

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“The sudden onset of the pandemic left the f&b industry struggling to stay afloat. But restaurants like ours with a strong delivery section have managed to come out without too many scratches. While we were hit, it is nothing we can't cope with or overcome. The cloud kitchen model we have dipped our toes into in Bangalore is the first step to introducing our well-loved cuisine to the foodies there,” he added further.