Harish Bhat says health & wellness will drive tata's food and beverage segment

Harish Bhat Tata Sons Brand Custodian has said that health and wellness will drive the growth for the company s food and beverage segment
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Harish Bhat, Tata Sons Brand Custodian, has said that health and wellness will drive the growth for the company’s food and beverage segment as consumers are increasingly becoming health conscious.

"My belief is, as far as the food and beverages segment in the country is concerned, one of the key drivers for the future will be the consumers' need for health, wellness and fitness," he stated.

Tata Global Beverages is offering green tea with its Tetley brand, while its other firm Tata Chemicals provides unpolished pulses and low sodium salt. 

Harish further added, "I believe that the Tata brand has earned trust over a long period of time through the behaviours that it has exhibited, through the products and services it has provided to our customers. All our companies believe in providing our customers with products and services of impeccable quality at very good value and it is that combination of quality and value which has made 650 million Indian customers trusts the Tata brand."