Tarun Mahadevan

Director, Cool Cream Milano

Tarun Mahadevan, 23, now works for his family business with operations, pan-India. Apart from heading the Indian arm of his father’s operations under the parent, Cool Cream Milano. This parent is the umbrella for brands such as Writers Café, EnteKeralam, Benjarong, The Marina and many more.

He also serves as a director for B&M Hot Breads Pvt Ltd which has 30+ bakeries in South India. Having graduated from the University of Bath, Tarun holds a BSc. (Hons) in Business Administration.

During his tenure in the United Kingdom, he gained experience in financial services and business strategy. Tarun worked with an investment services company specialising in global markets working with The Bank of New York Mellon’s Depositary Receipt division. After a stint at banking, he switched over to the buy side, gaining exposure with a UK based mid-market private equity firm. After having completed a couple of deals end to end, he decided to move back to India and focus on growing the family business.