Shreh Madan Co-Founder, Burgrill

Foresighted and determined, Co-Founder of Burgrill, Shreh Madan paved the way to success with vision and grit. Harboring a deep-rooted love for the industry, he honed his skills through a multitude of experiences in the industry. Shreh Madan spent a year working with Radisson Edwardian Grafton in London, learning the intricacies of the F&B and bar service. He pursued a 3-month internship with Park Balluchi, and launched his own cafe in Indore, running it for 3 years. Garnering experience in packaging solutions for 3 years, he turned director at Swatex packaging and is currently the Director London Grill Co - a QSR in Delhi and is the Co-Founder of Burgrill. Launching Burgrill with Co-Founders Ankur Madan and Rajat Bawa, the trio brought to the brand an expansive cumulative experience of nearly four decades in the hospitality sector. Shreh alongside his partners analyzed shifting business models such as offline to online stores, adapting to evolving trends. This attention to detail played a crucial role in their success story. While investing in the hospitality industry may appear glamorous from the outside, Shreh believes it’s crucial to create a stark differentiation from competitors to stay afloat in the ever-changing industry.