Rakshay DhariwalFounder and Managing Director, Pass Code Hospitality

Rakshay Dhariwal is the founder and Managing Director of Pass Code Hospitality and New Delhi-based entrepreneur. His portfolio includes verticals in F&B, Events, Boutique Hotels, and craft Spirits. In 2012, he made his mark on the F&B industry in India by launching the award-winning cocktail bar, PCO, which was the first speakeasy-styled bar in India. He has ventures in Delhi, Kolkata, Goa, Mumbai and is launching Pune shortly. He currently owns and operates 19 restaurants & bars and is building out another 3. “Covid hasn’t dented his spirit,” he says. The noteworthy brands he owns and operates include - PCO, Jamun, Ping’s Cafe Orient, Pings Bia Hoi, A Ta Maison, SAZ, and PDA, all of which have received several awards & accolades.

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