Akshay Anand Partner, Toy Room, Ophelia, Cosy Box

A powerhouse of pioneering Delhi’s most well-known restaurants and establishments, Akshay Anand has been the vision behind the capital’s most luxurious bars and restaurants from Toy Room, Ophelia, and Cozy Box. A banker turned restaurateur, he envisioned a nightlife for the city that went beyond the mundane and into the energetically luxurious. Beginning his hospitality career only seven years ago with One Café Bar, the new-age entrepreneur has worked on several concepts ranging from Karaoke to high-end clubs and bars in five-star hotels in less than a decade. Starting his journey as a banker for American Express, he ventured into the F&B industry with One Café Bar in Select City Mall in 2007. A small cafe that he opened with all his savings, he revolutionized the space to be Delhi’s first Karaoke bar, which soon became the rage amongst the youth. Ever since that, there was no looking back for the entrepreneur as Akshay found his footing, later opening ‘One Boulevard” right opposite One Cafe Bar, bringing Sufi band culture in Delhi.

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