Burger King Sales Are Higher Than That Of Starbucks in FY18

The burger chain reported a 66 jump in its revenue at Rs 389 crore in FY18
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Quick-service restaurant chain Burger King has registered more sales than Starbucks in FY18. The company's sales were boosted by aggressive stores expansion, attractive entry-level pricing, and a more comprehensive vegetarian menu.

The burger chain came to India in 2014. It reported a 66% jump in its revenue at Rs 389 crore in FY18. While Starbucks that entered India in 2012 grew 28% in sales at Rs 348 crore.

Rajeev Varman, CEO, Burger King India, said, "Burger King India witnessed double-digit same-store sales and traffic growth, while continuing to open new restaurants at a rapid pace, exceeding all players. We continue to be on plan, as well as profitable at a restaurant level. We have increased our investments in growing brand awareness, sharpening our menu and value offerings and building the infrastructure in India, as we progress to launch over 500 restaurants by FY23."