Liquor not a prerequisite for tourism: Stakeholders

Many Stakeholders in the liquor sector believes that liquor is not a prerequisite for tourism industry
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Amid growing concerns over the impact of Kerala Government's new liquor policy on tourism industry, many stakeholders in the liquor sector believe that liquor is not a prerequisite for tourism, says a PTI report.

Some resort operators said that the new policy, envisaged to cut short the availability of liquor, might affect the tourism industry in the initial stages but the impact could be overcome with proper awareness in the long run.

The success of tourism industry in Gujarat, where total prohibition exists, was the best example for Kerala to emulate, stakeholders opined.

With regards to the anxiety that the arrival of foreign tourists might be affected badly due to the new policy, major tour operators pointed out that 'foreign tourists are not crazy about liquor. As far as they are concerned alcohol is only a part of their food habit'.

IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI) National Director P B Bose told PTI that it was wrong to say that foreign and domestic tourists were coming to Kerala just to savour liquor.

"Most tourists come to experience the culture and see places and watch development of each state," he said, adding, what was required now was to create awareness among potential tourists about the new law in the state.