29-30th August, 2018JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi
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Day 1 - August 29, 2018
10:00AM - 10:15AM Welcome Note By : Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India
Lighting Of Lamp & Inauguration
10:20AM - 11:15AM Inaugural Session: The Business Of Restaurants: Predicting Tomorrow, Today

State of the Indian Foodservice Industry: Leaders Viewpoint and Expectations on

  • How Rising Consumer Expectations are Changing the Foodservice Game
  • Redefining sustainability: Building future of food service game
Mr. Rajeev Varman, Conference Chairperson & CEO, Burger King India
Mr. Anjan Chatterjee, Founder & MD, Speciality Group of Restaurants
11:15AM - 11:30AM Networking Tea
11:30AM - 12:15PM Session 1: Staying At The Top Of The Game: What Innovation Means For Global Brands
  • Adapting the Format: How Brands are Turning to New Store Models to Address Market Disrupters
  • Cutting through the Chaos: Making Sense of a Disrupted World
  • How the brands are staying relevant and listening to its customers, and how to tap into the experiential market.
  • How to Serve up an Improved Customer Experience
  • Investing in Innovation: What's on the menu?
  • The Push for Growth in Unit Economics
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-chief, Franchise India
Mr. Unnat Varma, MD, Pizza Hut India Sub Continent
Mr. Ashish Saxena, CEO, TexMex Cuisine India Pvt. Ltd
Mr.Sharad Sachdeva, CEO, Lite Bite Foods
Mr. Sahil Jain, Co-founder, Dineout
Chef Sumant Vikas, Corporate chef, Cremica Food Industries Ltd

From the first drive-through restaurant in early 1948 to Instagrammablefood pictures and design- know how restaurant industry has changed in all these years. But since being innovative and cutting edge isn't everyone's cup of tea, listen to the torch-bearers and disrupters who went through many new innovations to bring the world on a platter.

12:15PM - 12:45PM Keynote: How Can Food Industry Leverage the Power of Networks Mr. Jaspal Singh Sabharwal, Co-Founder & CEO-TagTaste & Senior Director-Everstone Capital
12:45PM - 13:30PM Session 2: Gen-Next Leadership: Growth Strategies from Up-and-coming Power Players

The Generation Next is all set to change the restaurant industry. Family business new leaders & young start-ups with unfamiliar know-how will discuss how they successfully navigate today’s new normal of tough consumer demands, high-quality menu expectations and game-changing technology. These young guns will share the winning formulas of leading growth chains set to be tomorrow's big brands

  • Finding the Unique: How You can be Different
  • Experimentation: Tinkering Afresh to create a New Market
  • Vibrance : Thinking food business creatively
SESSION LEAD &MODERATOR: Mr. Jamal Shaikh, National Editor, Brunch and New Media Initiatives, Hindustan Times
Mr. Savar Malhotra, Managing Partner, The Embassy Restaurant
Mr. Pavan Jambagi, Founder & Director, Carnatic Cafe Mr. Varun Kapur, ED, K Hospitality Corp
13:30PM - 14:30PM Networking Lunch
14:30PM - 15:15PM SESSION III Z: Retain Quality Talent In A Turnover Culture Today manpower costs have gone up to 35-40% of total restaurant costs. Controlling the costs and reducing labor liability in 2018 has to become a top priority now.

The session will take on top techniques & tools for controlling Manpower costs and reducing labor liability that every operator must know in 2018. The largest and most successful Restaurants and chains in India are already putting into place the tools and process they need to manage labor. When it comes to managing labor - time is money!

  • (Staying) Open For Business: Leveraging New Late hour Trends & creative staffing Ideas
  • Creating highly efficient environments
  • Driving Adoption of People Development to Your Franchisees
  • Strategically slimmed down restaurants’ organizational structures in order to maximize profitability
  • What a culture and training program entails and offers tips and techniques to create employee loyalty and retention.
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR : Mr.Kuchibhotla Srinivas, Partner – Food, Agri and Retail Advisory, KPMG India
Mr. Oscar Balcon, Owner, ArtusiRistorante e Bar
Ms.Akansha Arora, Director of Human Resources, Yum! Restaurants International
Mr. Pravesh Pandey, Director, BygBrewski Brewing Company
15:15PM - 16:00PM Plenary Session: New Restaurant Realty: Opportunities To Do More With Less

Location. Concept. Clustering .Space

  • The Right collaboration between food retailers and landlords
  • Making most of non-traditional locations for food service-hospitals, schools, entertainment zones, corporates, canteens, highways, subways, residential communities
  • How Shopping malls are turning into New food Destinations
  • The Next Stop: Sharing the plate with Department stores
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR : Mr.Rajat Tuli, Senior Principal, AT Kearney
Mr. Rohan Jetley, Promoter & CEO, TGIF
Mr.Mayank Tiwari, Group Executive Chef, PVR Cinemas
Mr. Sunil Chauhan, Partner, FabCafe
SESSION II: Evolution of Supply Chain Summit

Whether you're taking your brand to a different neighborhood, or new geography, controlling the supply chain is imperative to a successful business. The session will have Leading Supply Chain Heads who with distinctly different needs of the organization will share on how they built their team to support their brands' initiatives and growth.

  • How do you communicate the value proposition of supply chain management within the organization?
  • How do you transition from purchasing and transactional to supply chain management?
  • Balancing Food Safety and Cost Management
SESSION MODERATOR: Mr. Sandeep Dey, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Burger King India
Mr. Udit Gupta, Supply Chain Head, Chaayos
Mr. Nitin Nagrale, Vice President – Materials Management, Foodlink Services
Mr. Gaurav Jain, Managing Director, ColdEX
Session 2: The Future Of Food Service At Home What can restaurants do to make their delivery operations a success?

The restaurant industry is currently going through unprecedented change with delivery as one of the fastest-moving trends in its history. As the availability of online ordering, delivery and related off-premise channels continue to proliferate, the impact on in-restaurant dining as well as brand and quality perceptions are an ongoing concern. Understanding the changing dynamics of how and where consumers’ source foodservice at home and expectations for the future are critical for operators across all industry segments.

  • Dark Kitchens: Is this the future of takeaway
  • Satellite kitchens & restaurant business- Finding a connection
  • The Brand Impact of Third-party Delivery
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Mr.Munaf Kapadia, Chief Eating Officer, The Bohri Kitchen
Mr. Nitish Jha, Founder, World in a Box
Mr. Raymond Andrews, Co-Founder, Biryani Blues
Mr.Mukesh Manda, Co-Founder, TinMen
Mr.Deepankar Arora, Chef Partner, Tawak
Mr. Vishal Jindal, Co-founder, Biryani By Kilo

While cooking is seen as an art, lavish dining is often about continuity, consistency and rigorous repetition. This means achieving precise standardization and strong quality control. Hence, experience is about elevating the dining ecosystem. Know how some of the top restaurants are creating these #EXPERIENCES to keep ahead of the game in the upcoming sessions

16:00PM - 16:45PM Session I: Addressing The Generation 'ME'

Almost 70% of consumers search for restaurants by cuisine type or food item, not by the the restaurant’s name. How Operators are turning to new store models to address market disrupters

  • Shopping, Dining, Socialising, Playing - How Millennials see Life & Fun
  • Gourmet, Fast-food, Restaurants, Takeaway or Table Service – How are new concepts creating New Experiences for the New Gen Diner
  • Engaging Indian Customer with Sports Programming, Liquor & Food
  • Building Affinity with the Traveller
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Mr. Amin Ali, Special Correspondent, The Times of India
Mr. Viraj Lamba, Co-Founder & Director, Fun Bars Hospitality
Mr. Prahlad Sukhtankar, Managing Partner & Sommelier, The Black Sheep Bistro
Mr. Inderjeet Singh Banga, Promoter & Founder, Biggie Hospitality
Mr. Ashish Thadani, CEO, Ciclo Café Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. B Subramaniam, Director, Middle By Celfrost
16:45PM - 17:00PM Session II: Building Integrated Network: Communicating Value Through Supply Chain
  • Farm to Fork: Conquering cost, customer demands
  • Managing Inventory
  • Executing digitalization in your supply chain
Mr. Amit Malakar , President & Business Head, Sical Supply Chain Solutions.
17:00PM - 17:45PM Session II: NRAI Panel: Cashing On Business Dining

How restaurants can capitalize on the Start-ups and corporate diners who are big spenders every year on business meals. Insight into business diner personas, and dispels common misconceptions.

  • How to successfully implement B2B programs attracting the biggest corporate spenders - including meeting and event planners, executive admins, road warriors, pharmaceutical representatives, and others.
  • Are Restaurants new co-Working Havens?
  • What do Business Diners want and how can Restaurateurs work on making it happen both by design , service and specific needs of diners
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Mr. Rahul Singh, President, NRAI & Founder & CEO, BTB Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (The Beer Cafe)
Mr. Kabir Suri, Delhi Chapter Head, NRAI & Co-Founder & Director, Azure Hospitality
Mr. Priyank Sukhija, Managing Committee Member, NRAI & Chairman, First Fiddle Hospitality
Mr. Varun Tuli, Managing Committee Member, NRAI & Managing Director, Yum Yum Cha
Mr. Sharad Batra, Special Invitee, NRAI Managing Committee & Managing Director, Batra Brothers (Cafe Delhi Heights)
Mr. Thomas Fenn, Special Invitee, NRAI Managing Committee & Partner, Mahabelly
17:30PM - 18:00PM Valedictory Session
18:00 PM Onwards Cigar & Bar Summit

The stage will be set for the leading lounge, bar, and nightclub owners to come together and raise a toast for unlocking the opportunities and the next big bar and Lounge trends in the market.

  • Unlocking the potential in Bar & Nightlife Biz
  • Mixology: How is it Turning Big
  • Bartending: Knowing the Biz from Bartenders Side
  • New Twists on Old Classics
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-chief, Franchise India
Mr. Ashish Kapur, Director, Whisky Samba, Antares Goa and The Wine Company
Mr. Magandeep Singh,Sommelier, Founder- IWBS
Mr. Manish Sharma, Director, Molecule and The Drunken Botanist
Day 2 - August 30, 2018
10:30AM - 11:15 AM EXPERIENCE SUMMIT Plenary Session: Experience that Beats Delivery

Diners expect more than just great food when they dine out – they crave great experiences. In this session, we'll discuss strategies for growing your business by delivering more five-star guest experiences.

  • Handcrafted foods, off beat experience, multi-food moment – the emerging trends for Diners
  • Super foods, Vegan and Niche eating to build Diner Delight
  • What are the hot new food and beverage trends that diners want to photograph and share?
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR:Mr. Ankur Chawla, Entrepreneur & Sommelier
Chef Nishant Kumar Choubey, CEO, SwadSamudra Pvt Ltd & Consulting Chef- Indus Bangkok
Chef Ashish Bhasin, Executive Chef, The Leela Gurgaon
Mr. Vineet Wadhwa,Owner and CEO, FIO Restaurants
Chef Om Nayak, Co-Founder, The Pasta Bowl Company
11:15AM - 11:30PMKeynote Session: Building Your Brand Beyond The Four Walls Of Your Restaurant

2018 Restaurant Leader of the Year When a brand becomes a mega success, it re-invigorates the restaurant industry as a whole —from 1 store to 300. Chances are high you’ll find a connection to the brand in more ways than one.

Mr. M Mahadevan, Chairman, Oriental Cuisines Pvt. Ltd
11:30AM - 11:40PMKeynote Session: Sustainability & Society: How Restaurant Sector can create a win-win. Mr. Ankit Kawatra, Founder & Chairman, Feeding India
11:30AM - 12:15 AM Session I: Beyond The Review: The Real Value Of Digital Partnerships
eCommerce and Restaurants: The New Guest Experience

The session will discuss the latest developments and trends in food tech sector, and how their new partnership will benefit diners and restaurants alike. Hear directly from the founders of market-leading platforms for restaurants and how they think about their role in the restaurant ecosystem. From attracting new customers with trial offers, to the pre-visit experience online or via apps, to in store interactions and payment, to compelling repeat purchase – the guest experience expectation is changing rapidly.

  • Omni-channel Transformation
  • How Leisure & physical emotions are driving human experiences in digital world
Mr. Anand Thakur, Chief Digital Officer, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd
Mr. Sahil Jain, Co-founder, Dineout

Scaling up comes by default, that's by choice not chance. The problem, however, is that scaling needs an unrelenting ambition to grow, and simultaneously, huge amount of patience. Certainly, it is not as easy as throwing money at a problem, or hiring blindly. If anything, such acts end up running you into the ground. Scaling, however, essentially is driven by the strong foundation.

12:15 PM - 12:45 PMSession II: Building a Brand that Transcends Borders

All Brands and its Leaders dream of taking their businesses global, but how do you know if you are ready to expand your franchise beyond your borders?

Sukh Tiwana, Group Commercial Director of SSP Group, will share how the iconic brand from the UK, Millie's Cookies has made the leap towards global expansion. He'll describe some of the successes and failures of the brand, and offer tips as well as a list of pros and cons to consider before going outside your home base. He will talk about the ground work to enter India and strategy of growth in India

12:45 PM - 13:30 PMSession III: Beyond The Craze: The Right 'money' Finding Right 'concepts'
  • Getting Funding Within the Sector: Angel and VC Funding
  • Product & Service : A bigger Funding lifecycle
  • M&A and the Future of the Restaurant Business
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR:Mr. Anuj Madan, Partner - Deals, PwC
Mr. Biju Jose Thomas, Director & COO, Vasudev Adigas
Mr. Sumer Juneja, Director, Norwest Venture Partners
Mr. Digvijay Singh, COO, Indian Angel Network
Mr. Dharmendra Varshney, CFO & Whole Time Director, DS Spiceco Pvt Ltd.
13:30 PM - 14:30 PM Networking Lunch
14:30 PM - 15:15 PMSession 4: Catering: Cashing the Mass Food Market
  • What is 2018 Catering Cool and what is WAY outdated
  • How to charge your customers for catering current cool
  • How are you catering to the masses keeping your competitions aside
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR:Mr. Sanjay Kumar,CEO, Elior India
Mr. Sameer Lamba, Owner, Kwals Group
Mr. Amit Dua, Managing Director, FnB India
Ms. Ambika Seth, Director, Caara India
15:15 PM - 16:00 PMSession 5: Deliciously Different: The New Age Food Influencers
  • Creating Uniqueness: How You can be Different
  • How Instagram is Changing the Way We 'EAT'
  • The Right Social Play: Bringing more vibrancy into the biz
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR:Aashika Jain, Associate Editor, Entrepreneur Media
Ms. Uma Raghuraman, Food Expert & Owner- MasterChefMom
Chef Sanjyot Keer, Food Producer & Founder, Your Food Lab
Mr. Shivesh Bhatia, Self-Taught Baker, Food Blogger and Food Stylist
Mr.Himanshu Sehgal, Chief Foodie, My Yellow Plate
15:45 PM - 16:30 PMSession 3: Taking Your Brand to the Streets

Food trucks, which were once seen only as an economical way to provide foodservice to worksites, are now finding popularity with a variety of brick-and-mortar restaurant chains – big and small. While some brands are using these restaurants on wheels as a way to market their standard concepts, others are solely operating mobile businesses.

This session will not only uncover how brands can use food trucks and stalls as marketing vehicles, but will also focus on best practices when it comes to franchising a mobile concept.

Ms. Jyoti Ganapathy, Co-Founder, Dosa Inc
Mr. Vikrant Misra, Chief Eating Officer & Founder, Eggjactly
Chef Ajay Kumar, Executive Chef, The LalitSuri Hospitality Group
16:30 PM - 17:15 PMSESSION IV: Restaurant Franchising Innovation Roundtable So You Think You’re Ready to Franchise? Hear the Business Leaders in Restaurant franchising at the Restaurant Franchising Innovation Roundtable, who will share their success stories of the numerous ways they have innovated to grow their franchises and also successful franchisees will share what it takes to achieve growth. Attendees who are in franchise or looking to franchise will gain insight and inspiration to help them be more progressive in every facet of their businesses.
  • Perfecting the customer experience is the first step toward building a successful franchise model,
  • A Look at Legality: What to Consider in Franchise Negotiations
  • The Ultimate Balance: Empowering the Franchisee when Maintaining Brand Integrity
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Ms. Payal Kapoor, Senior Editor, The Franchising World & Retailer
Mr. Manish Tandon, CEO, Bowlopedia Restaurants
Mr. Karan Tanna, CEO, Yellow Tie Hospitality
How #HomeChefs can capture Food service Pie The "Small is Big" Masterclass is especially designed for Homechefs in Making. Whether you’re just starting to learn the trade or are an experienced homechef looking to build a Scaleable business the Masterclass will guide you on how to build your own successful Homechef Brand.
  • Opportunities for growth as a homeChef
  • Catering Vs. Institutional vs. Small Batches Production : what works and why
  • Connecting and leveraging on network of Home Chefs
  • Opportunities for New collaborations
  • When it is time for home chefs to move out of the home to scale up the home business.
  • Betting on Lesser known regional dishes :Using good taste and authenticity for building a successful business
  • Way forward for Home Chefs- Restaurant or Delivery centres
Mr. Vedant Kanoi, CEO & Co-Founder, Foodcloud
Ms. Abhilasha Jain, Business Owner, MarwadiKhana
Chef Siddharth Talwar, Owner, Flames of India
19:00PM OnwardsIndian Restaurant Awards 2018