India's only Registered Restaurant Awards

East India Edition

About The Event

When East Meets West: A Celebration of All Things Food

There are great cuisines that exist in India but we still don’t have better idea on how we can formulate this into restaurant concept that can go in the different part of the country within India and outside India. This needs a more professional and organized form of the business. In order to meet that we are organizing this event in which we will gather together some of the strongest food brands both Indian and global brands to come and share what will really help these restaurant brands to become restaurant organizations.

East India has always set a new rule book in the food segment. From giving birth to the first coffee house of India to hosting India's first gala dinner, the market has evolved from being just a local, regional food market to a much more experienced food zone.

Award Categories

Restaurant Awards - East India Edition

  • Best Restaurant of the Year - Kolkata
  • Best Restaurant of the Year - Jamshedpur
  • Best Restaurant of the Year - Patna
  • Best Restaurant of the Year - Guwahati
  • Best Restaurant of the Year - Bhubaneswar
  • Best Restaurant of the Year - East India
  • Best Restaurant of the Year - Non - Metro
  • Best Debutant Restaurant of the Year
  • Best Bengali Cuisine Restaurant of the Year
  • Restaurant Serving best coastal cuisine

Nightlife Awards

  • Best Restro- Bar of the Year
  • Best Gastro-Pub of the Year
  • Gastro Pub / Restro-Bar with best live events
  • Best Debutant Restro-Bar / Gastro Pub of the Year

Cafe & Bakery Awards

  • Cafe of the Year
  • Tea Cafe of the Year
  • Bakery of the Year
  • Best Ice Cream Parlour of the Year
  • Best Juice & Shake Parlour of the Year

Special Awards

  • Best Menu R&D and Innovative Culinarians Award 2018
  • Business Growth Award 2018
  • Best Food Court of the Year – East India
  • Best Caterer of the Year 2018
  • Best Subscription based food delivery Service model of the Year
  • Best Chef based food delivery service model of the Year
  • Customer Loyalty Initiative of the Year
  • Best Customer Service Excellence Award
  • Best Creative Concept Award of the Year