Samosa Singh starts pilot partnership with Reliance Smart

Starting with a first few Reliance Smart stores in Bengaluru, the startup aims to soon expand its partnership to other stores gradually
  • Divya Pathak Senior Content Writer
samosa singh

Samosa Singh, a lip-smacking fast food outlet, founded in 2016, announces a pilot association with Reliance's grocery store chain with an aim to offer a tailor-made menu to Reliance grocery store customers.

Speaking about the association, Shikhar Veer Singh, the founder and CEO of Samosa Singh said, “Our aim has always been to appeal to the masses and for them to enjoy Samosa with the convenience of being available anytime, anywhere. This association helps us further our goal of reintroducing the new generation to Samosa, a snack Indians have relished across generations,”

Starting with a first few Reliance Smart stores in Bengaluru, the startup aims to soon expand its partnership to other stores gradually. “Citizen Customers expect modern, interesting, food ideas from a platform like SMART Superstore. Food in India is full of exciting possibilities. Providing a platform to an innovative startup like Samosa Singh comes naturally to Reliance Smart. I am said it will add one more reason that makes shopping at SMART, more interesting.” said Damodar Mall, CEO, Grocery Retail, Reliance Retail.

In the starting of this year, Samosa Singh raised a funding of Rs 17 crore in a Series A funding round that was led by She Capital which was aimed to scale up its operations, increase its production capabilities and expand in multi-cities, while  allowing it to enter the households through their quick delivery via cloud kitchen model.

Not just this, the outlet now claims to have sold more than 20 million units and aims to expand itself throughout the southern part of India in the upcoming year. This progress already halfway through as it opened its outlet at Bangalore international airport and has partnered with brands such as INOX, PVR Cinemas and Cafe Coffee Day, said Samosa Singh.