Indian Restaurant Congress 2019 New Delhi, Conference, Awards and Exhibition


Day 1 - August 18, 2019
10:00AM - 10:10AM Welcome Note By : Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India
Lighting Of Lamp & Inauguration
Part I
10:15 AM - 12:30 PM Inaugural Session: State of the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry in India: Leaders, Outlook and Expectations

State of the Restaurant Industry: Leaders' Viewpoint and Expectations

  • Factors Driving Success Among Industry Leaders
  • Overarching Food Trends that are Fueling Industry Growth
  • Micro and Macro forces shaping future of the food service
  • Amongst the top 10 food brands in India – 6 are global brands. Why Global Restaurants and food service brands have great consumer Affinity in India
  • Theme of the Congress : Building Business and Social Sustainability in the Food service business.
Harshavardhan Neotia, Conference Chairperson and Chairman, Ambuja Neotia Group
10:45 AM - 11:05 AM From Innovation to Sustainability: Lead with Vision but power up your curiosity

New Ideas are two a penny if they are not followed by great execution and supported by robust models. It calls for managing human, financial, and technological resources in a manner to expand your business, and enhance shareholder value. In this session Mr. Anjan Chatterjee , Chairman and Founder of specialty restaurants will highlight:

  • How do you evaluate costs, progress and rewards of an innovation that doesn't yet exist? What metrics, beyond increased revenue, customers, market share and good ROI, can be used to sanction efforts to turn Innovative ideas into action?
  • The Power of great customer experiences is still the biggest marketing tool
  • The Food supports the business model and not the other way round .Food will always remain the champion in Restaurant business
  • Predictability is the key to your business’ success. The more accurate your forecast, the better your plans can be executed, giving you the opportunity to be more profitable.
Anjan Chatterjee, Founder & Chairman-cum-MD, Speciality Restaurants Ltd
11:05 AM - 11:30 AM Focusing on Quality and Innovation: How Cremica is Helping Restaurant Brands Grow

Listen Mr. Bector share his view on how his helped top brands like McDonald’s scale their business in India, while becoming the #1 brand for mayonnaise and #3 in tomoto ketchup supplier…

Akshay Bector, Chairman & Managing Director, Cremica Food Industries Limited
11:30 AM - 11:45 AM Sustainability in Hospitality Business
Dr. Pushpesh Pant, Indian Academic, Food Critic and Historian
11:50 AM - 12:00 AM Keynote Session by Sahil Jain, Co-Founder, Dineout

Digital innovation is important for sustainable growth today. One needs to be at it, and all the time. Mobile and web technologies have transformed the way business has been done. It has touched the food industry in a similar manner making the process of ordering food simple and fast.

  • How digital innovation is helping build a sustainable business
  • Transforming Processes and Business Models: How Mobile & Web Technologies are transforming the food game
  • Creating A New Customer Experience: The New Age Food Delivery Business
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Munaf Kapadia, Chief Eating Officer, The Bohri Kitchen
Piyush Chourashiya, Director – Analytics, Swiggy
Vinodh Rajaraman, CEO, Eagle Owl
Ganesh Bagler, Center for Computational Biology, IIT-Delhi
13:15 PM - 14:15 PM Networking Tea
14:15 PM - 15:00 PM Menus of Change : A Sustainable Approach to the Menu

This Innovation Forum will address the emerging importance of Sustainability including Clean Menus, Natural Ingredients and Green initiatives in the restaurant industry. The panel comprising Chefs and Restaurateurs will provide their perspective on:

  • Healthy, gluten-free, bio, vegetarian, local products, vegan, bulk selling… focus on new consumer behaviors-Sustainability Strategies and how they relate to your consumer
  • Issues, opportunities, challenges and rewards of implementing a Sustainability and Clean Menu strategy.
  • How the operator engaged with and partnered with their suppliers to support their Sustainability and Clean Label initiatives.
  • Consumer engagement -How to communicate the improved Sustainability and green positioning to consumers.
  • The importance of Sustainability and Clean Menus to the Restaurant business and to your consumers.
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Rajat Tuli, Principal, AT Kearney
Anurudh Khanna, Multi-Property Executive Chef, The Westin Hotels
Balpreet Singh Chadha, Executive Chef, Andaz Delhi
Hitesh Sangwan, Director - Food & Beverage, The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & residences
Anooj Wadhwan, Executive Chef, Roseate House

This session will talk about the best of the culinary worlds. As Chef-driven fast casuals seem to offer the best experiences and dining for value-motivated, time-starved consumers as well as the best growth vehicle for profit-hungry restaurant operators, the session will discuss about introducing freshness, quality and efficiency at the table

  • Food on Fast Forward: The hallmarks of hospitality have become flexibility, efficiency and freshness
  • Serving high-quality, inventive cuisine traditionally presented
  • Building a hybrid restaurant: Combining fast casual and fine dining together
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Amin Ali, Special Correspondent, The Times of India
Anahita N Dhondhy, Chef Partner, SodaBottleOpenerWala
Om Nayak, Co-Founder, The Pasta Bowl Company
Sabyasachi Gorai, Celebrity Chef & Owner- Lavash by Saby
JP Singh, Executive Chef, Bukhara- ITC Maurya
Mr. Masanao Takeda, COO, KUURAKU
15:45 AM - 16:30 PMINNOVATION SUMMIT: In the new business ecosystem – New Formats, New locations, New food and New capabilities are required to run restaurants. The Innovation Summit will share New Practices that can bring better customer experience and streamline business operations.

Session 1: FOOD TRENDS & FOOD SERVICE VISION 2030 When a brand becomes a mega success, it re-invigorates the restaurant industry as a whole —from 1 store to 300. Chances are high you’ll find a connection to the brand in more ways than one.

India's most-accomplished restaurateurs who have managed their human, financial, and technological resources to expand their business, and enhance shareholder value in a fire side talk by a highly-regarded foodservice veteran.

  • What are the best strategies for food players to meet consumers’ expectations?
  • How to source upcoming trends and develop new businesses?
  • Imperatives for global growth through the power of partnership in the future.
  • Restaurateurs share practical strategies to utilize your various capital resources to support growth.
  • Does shared kitchen space, pop-up locations and centralized delivery hubs work for the innovative brands in the space?
  • Food-waste prevention is where Restaurants are going to save the most money
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Rajat Wahi, Partner, Deloitte Consulting
Amuleek Singh Bijral, Co-Founder & CEO
Sahil Jain, Co-Founder, Dineout
Goumtesh Singh, Partner, Raasta, The Carribean Lounge & Yeti
Tarun Sibal, Co-Founder & Culinary Director, One Fine Meal
Ajit Singh, Founder, Bareback Hospitality
Ms. Punam Chopra, Spice Box
16:30 PM - 17:30 PM Understanding the Nightlife Generation

This session will explore what this next consumer generation is eating and drinking, and where, when and how they are consuming it.

  • How this generation differs from previous generations
  • Patterns of Food & Drink Binging
  • How Big is Big for Nightlife Restaurant and Bar
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India Group
Ashish Kapur, Owner, Moods Hospitality
Ankur Chawla, Beverages Expert & Sommelier and Co - Founder – Scope Bev, One Fine Meal
Pravesh Pandey, Co-Founder, Byg Brewski
Vishal Atreya, Managing Partner, The Pump House
Manvi Chaudhary-Director & Founder, Pier 38
Priyank Sukhija, MD & CEO, First Fiddle Restaurant
Day 2 - August 19, 2019
10:30AM - 11:15 AM Collaboration Summit In the business ecosystem – it is important to run businesses on partnerships…be it restaurants own employee or partnering with a third-party, collaboration summit will talk about partnerships run restaurants. The Innovation Summit will share New Practices that can bring better customer experience and streamline business operations. SESSION I: THE CMO Confidential

Influencer Marketing - Creating A Win-Win Strategy

The concept of restaurant influencer marketing has emerged as the easier way of attracting and engaging with customers. Many restaurants have started to actively engage with micro influencers such as food bloggers and restaurant reviewers. It is cheaper as compared to the traditional forms of marketing, targets the right customer base, and is high on results. The panel will have influencers and forward-thinking marketers who are using new capabilities to drive increases in diners and sales.

  • The real benefits of Influencer Marketing
  • Using Data-Driven Insights, Analytics and Marketing Campaigns to Capture More Visits through influncer marketing
  • Measuring the impact of content advertising on driving incremental diners.
  • The other side - Food bloggers and restaurant reviewers could potentially end up harming the business. How to overcome such challenges?
  • The Threshold: How too much indulgence or reliance on restaurant influencer marketing impacts your business?
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Osama Jalali, Food Critic & Historian
Deepak Panwar, Brand Head, Lite Bite Foods
Vineet Arora, Head Marketing, First Fiddle Restaurants
Moksh Chopra, CMO, KFC India
Darami Coulter, Marketing Manager, Sumo International Inc
11:15 AM - 11:30 AM Networking Tea
12:00 AM - 13:00 PMSession II: Chef Talks: Best Practices in Chefs –Food Supplier Collaborative Innovation

This session will talk about building supply chains for today’s menu needs and novel ways of partnering with food and drinks suppliers

  • Adding new ingredients to creating an experience – how everything matters for a chef
  • Towards health-conscious and sustainable eating - integrating a clean and nutritious menu strategy by new balanced options or cleaning up items
  • Bringing global food to the table
  • Drawing familiarities with the various cultures
  • Top Menu Design Hacks
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Anil Bhandari, Chef & Culinary Expert
Ashish Khanduri, Executive Chef, Elior India
Vanshika Bhatia, Head Chef & Co-Founder, Together at 12th
Avanish Jain, Executive Chef, Radisson Blu Faridabad
Sanjay Agrawal, Founder, Partner & Executive Chef, Salad chef
Nishant Choubey, Corporate Chef- Senian Group and Consultant Chef-Indus Bangkok

Scaling up comes by default, that's by choice not chance. The problem, however, is that scaling needs an unrelenting ambition to grow, and simultaneously, huge amount of patience. Certainly, it is not as easy as throwing money at a problem, or hiring blindly. If anything, such acts end up running you into the ground. Scaling, however, essentially is driven by the strong foundation.

13:00 PM - 14:00 PM Networking Lunch
14:00 PM - 14:45 PMSession III: Capital Intelligence: The Right 'Money' Finding Right 'Formats

This session uncovers the myriad ways operators are funding expansion and development, from asking patrons to participate in funding, to finding the right private equity partner and will establish how to successfully develop your concept with private equity partners

  • Getting Funding Within the Sector: Angel and VC Funding
  • Which industry segments -- from quick service to upscale dining -- are on the speediest growth trajectories?
  • Product &Service : A bigger Funding lifecycle
  • Tips on how and when to scale
  • M&A and the Future of the Restaurant Business
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India Group
Mr. Tarun Khanna, Partner, CX Partners
Mr. Sharad Sachdeva, Director of Operations, L Catterton
Mr. Varun Kapur, ED, K Hospitality Corp
Mr. Reynold Fernandes, Franchise India Hospitality
14:45 PM - 15:30 PM Session IV: Democratizing Your Brand : Big Growth and Higher Footprint
Dark Kitchens: Redefining the rules for Food Players
This session will talk about the rapid growth of delivery apps that are creating a new recipe for success.
  • Focus on the home delivery market: from data to consumers
  • Removing customer seating, waiting areas, serving staff, reducing renting costs… the new financial & operating business model for food players
  • Targeted menu, highest sourcing quality, optimized social media communication… the new key drivers for food players to succeed in dark kitchens
  • Extending delivery to peri-urban areas to develop and expand new catchments
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Mr. Nitish Jha, Ex - Founder , World In a Box and Founder, Healthy Souls
Raymond Andrews, Founder, The Biryani Blues
Vishal Jindal, Co-Founder & Director, Biryani by Kilo
Prashant Gaur, CBO, Pizza Hut India Subcontinent
15:30 PM - 16:15 PMSession V: Tomorrow Inc & How GenY is Reinventing their Restaurant business for today's times Growth Strategies from Up-and-coming Power Players

Restaurant operations have thrived through long stretches of the century share the secrets to their perpetual youth and constant reinvention. The Generation Next is all set to change the restaurant industry. Family business new leaders & young start-ups with unfamiliar know-how will discuss how they successfully navigate today’s new normal of tough consumer demands, high-quality menu expectations and game-changing technology. These young guns will share the winning formulas of leading growth chains set to be tomorrow's big brands

  • Finding the Unique: How You can be Different
  • Experimentation: Tinkering Afresh to create a New Market
  • Vibrance : Thinking food business creatively
  • How to keep restaurants relevant and agile?
  • How the restaurants anticipate change in their markets?
  • Introducing modernisation, without changing the core values
  • Attracting new diners and embracing emerging trends while still continuing to serve the loyal customers
SESSION LEAD & MODERATOR: Ms. Rupali Dean, Food & Lifestyle Colunmist

Tarun Mahadevan, Director, Cool Cream Milano

Vikrant Batra, Owner, Café Delhi Heights & Nueva

Savar Malhotra, Managing Partner, Embassy Restaurants & catering

Amit Bagga, Co-Founder, Daryaganj
19:00 PM OnwardsIndian Restaurant Awards 2019
RoundTable Day 1 - August 18, 2019
14:00 PM - 15:00 PM Restaurant Franchising Innovation Roundtable

So You Think You're Ready to Franchise? Hear the Business Leaders in Restaurant franchising at the Restaurant Franchising Innovation Roundtable, who will share their success stories of the numerous ways they have innovated to grow their franchises and also successful franchisees will share what it takes to achieve growth. Attendees who are in franchise or looking to franchise will gain insight and inspiration to help them be more progressive in every facet of their businesses.

  • Perfecting the customer experience is the first step toward building a successful franchise model,
  • A Look at Legality: What to Consider in Franchise Negotiations
  • The Ultimate Balance: Empowering the Franchisee when Maintaining Brand Integrity
  • Franchising Globally
Mr. Rajeev Matta, COO, FoodLink Services India
Ankit Patel, CEO, Belgian Waffle Co
15:00 PM - 16:00 PMDesign Roundtable

How can your design attract customersA great restaurant experience gets shaped by numerous aspects starting with something as simple as a warm greeting or a smile while being welcomed and ushered to your table. The concept of the restaurant introduced articulately and with élan to the guest paves the way for a personalised experience. The taste of food and home-like hospitality with a human touch ensure a memorable meal. Therefore, it becomes important for restaurant designers to be in sync with the guest’s expectations and tap the creative potential of the restaurant to its fullest. With this context, here are some of the latest trends in the restaurant design industry: This Roundtable discussions will discuss all the aspect of restaurant design.

  • How to choose colours and patterns for design
  • Involvement of senses in restaurant
  • How to pair food with design
  • Customer-Facing Technology & Restaurant Design
Abhigyan Neogi, Founder, Chromed Design Studio
Vikas Sabharwal, Director & Principal Partner, ivpartners
Smriti Raheja Sawhney, Founder, DesignEx
RoundTable Day 2 - August 19, 2019
14:00 PM - 14:45 PM Supply Chain Roundtable

The Supply chain Restaurant Industry Roundtable will address issues such as commodity buying strategies, evolution of supply chain departments, emergency preparedness, food safety and cost management, and more — exclusively as they apply to the restaurant industry. An Open discussion session where you will hear and share with key operators from distinctly different Restaurants on how they built their teams to support their brands' initiatives and growth by Maximizing SC efficiency gains.

  • How do you communicate the value proposition of supply chain management within the organization?
  • How do you transition from purchasing and transactional vertical to supply chain management?
  • Balancing Food Safety and Cost Management.
  • How can Supply chain teams work with chefs to pick the right trends to target each generation, and how these trends impact consumer demand for new menu items & other such Initiatives.
  • Managing inventory obsolescence.
  • Non-traditional Technology solutions: Logistics, refrigeration and more Re-Di solutions.
Rajesh Bajaj, Head Supply Chain, ANTPL- KFC
Mr. Sunil Kuttan, Deputy GM- Supply Chain, Gourmet Investments Pvt Ltd
Mr. Nitin Shankar Nagrale, VP- Materials, Foodlink Services India Pvt Ltd
Mr. Deepa Prasad, Head of Procurement- South Asia, IPCA (Subway)
14:45 PM - 15:30 PMHuman Resource Roundtable

Restaurant Businesses, once they are scaling up the business or have just embarked upon franchising face many challenges to maintain their value systems, the culture and brand experience that was responsible for bringing the initial success. This Roundtable will emphasize on how restaurant chains should create a process for finding best talent and imparting training to ensure their unique culture is carried through in every new store location. The Roundtable will create insights on talent development in promoting manager and franchisee engagement. If your business is feeling the brunt of high employee turnover or LTOs- then this Roundtable and the practices are surely a must attend for evaluating your HR efficiencies and bringing new people practices in your organization. This panel explores how large and small organizations in food service industry can attract and integrate critical talent as People experts, CHRO’s and Founders themselves share

  • The Importance of Internal Collaboration within Departments To Elevate Customer Experience and Results
  • The Power Of Investing In Your Front Line
  • The top techniques for controlling labor costs and reducing labor liability
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion to power restaurant innovation
  • New remunseration techniques that are driving employee recruitment and retention
Gautam Paro, Director- HR, Chaayos

Praveena Gupta, Head HR, Keventers