Vinodh Rajaraman

CEO, EagleOwl

Vinodh is a Systems Engineer by training with the bulk of his experience in the area of Enterprise Telecom Software. He managed to complete his engineering from BITS Pilani and still gets nightmares from ‘Mechanics and Optics’ physics course in his first semester.

He spent almost 15 years at Cisco holding various Engineering Positions, designing and developing software and some of his code still runs on network devices across the globe.

He started his entrepreneurial journey after heading the operations of a food tech start-up in Bangalore, where he played a key role in optimising key operational metrics. Its here he developed a sharp acumen and penchant in restaurant back of house operations and analytics. He has also been consulting with top breweries and restaurants on improving margins and operational efficiencies.

With an avid interest in numbers, he loves poker, which he is fairly good at and that’s why he is constantly pushing boundaries and taking chances. Thinking of the world and life at large he is a big fan of “Shawshank Redemption” firmly believing that “Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies”. He has also figured out equally that “Not knowing what one needs to do is perfectly okay, knowing what one doesn’t need to do is more important”.