z Indian Restaurant Congress
29-30th August, 2018JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi
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Chef Sanjyot Keer

Food Producer & Founder, Your Food Lab

Thanks to his North Indian roots and a foodie family, Chef SanjyotKeer grew up with a fondness for cooking and sharing his love for food. A big fan of street food himself, he tried his hand at cooking at a mere 12 years of age, experimenting and recreating all his favourite street foods in the home kitchen. By 13 years, he had mastered his all-time favourite Pavbhaji recipe. Chef Sanjyot went on to train at various fine dining restaurants and contributed to Masterchef India 2014 as a food producer. He soon realised that his calling lay in sharing his love for food rather than in a restaurant kitchen and as a result Your Food Lab was born. YFL has 2.7 million followers and are crossing over a billion views making it a social media sensation amongst the top digital food platforms of India in just 2 years.