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Gaurav Gidwani

Food and Beverage Director, Corum Hospitality

The rustic chef with a distinct sense of humour, Chef Gaurav Gidwani is no stranger to the land of food and hospitality. Currently, working with Corum Hospitality (The Bar Stock Exchange, The Big Bang Bar and Café, Soi Kitchen and Masala Zone) as F&B Director, Gaurav Gidwani's illustrious 20 year long career spans many continents as a culinary expert, travel buff and media critic/host.

Having grown up in a hybrid family that blended multiple cultures and childhoods, his biggest culinary inspirations are his mother's family meals that were always delectable yet explorative in nature. Each meal highlighting a unique and distinct taste that would, in his later years, lend itself greatly to develop his culinary sensilbility, Chef Gidwani prides himself in mixing and matching ingredients from regional cuisines from across the globe to create his own signature 'Gidwani touch' to anything that is comfort food. This style of experimentation has positioned him as the most eminent chef in the hospitality industry, with his domain of excellence hence, lying in deciphering, decoding and deconstructing the food ingredients and recreating a whole new realm of flavors packed into something deceptively familiar yet unexplored.

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