Our Speakers

Aishwarya Bhende

Founder & Director, AB Celestial

Exposed to European waterfronts from an early age, Aishwarya realized how they boosted tourism in countries. Back home at the commercial capital, she saw a huge opportunity which could add jewels to the crown of the city. What followed was a vision to boost Mumbai's Tourism and Hospitality sector and move towards aiding the Indian economy.

This vision gave birth to an extensive 3-year process of building India's first floating restaurant in a revenue-sharing partnership with the government. Setting up AB Celestial through 108 government permissions, sourcing interiors to recruiting all staff, Aishwarya has set the backbone for each process by herself.

The restaurant offers delicacies from Indian, Continental & Asian cuisines with an opulent ambience. More than being a disruptor in the industry, Celestial opened up scope for other people to do business in the waters and this learning that has driven Aishwarya's vision to contribute towards the industry and the country's future.

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