Zomato launches “Edition Credit Cards” in partnership with RBL Bank

A new host of benefits is expected to come along for Zomato users
  • Divya Pathak Senior Content Writer

With the onset of online food delivery platforms, our hectic lives have been getting easier. To make it more easy, Zomato reveals a strategic partnership with RBL Bank to launch "Edition Credit Cards" powered by MasterCard. This Good news will benefit card holders every time they use Zomato or spend online and offline.

Speaking of its benefits the cards include Zomato credits with every use, Zomato Gold global membership and lounge access at all major domestic airports.

According to a source, Pradyot Ghate, the Vice President – Product, Payments and Partnerships- Zomato, says,"We have always strived to build unique food experiences and the Edition Cards have been specially made for those who are always exploring food across the globe"

"We are excited to bring a unique co-branded credit card which rewards card holders with every transaction - be it on the Zomato app or at a restaurant," Ghate said.

rbl bank

As of now two variants of the card has been launched, Edition and Edition Classic. It is imperative to understand that this partnership will not just benefit Zomato and its users, but it will also benefit RBL bank to further strengthen the scale of operations in its credit cards business. Together this partnership will help reach out a larger segment of customers using RBL’s services.

"This partnership is an extension to our 'Partners ka Bank' philosophy and is an exciting addition to our comprehensive portfolio of co-branded credit cards. RBL Bank has over 2.5 million credit card holders currently, and we are thrilled about the potential of the Edition Cards," said Utkarsh Saxena, Head Products - Credit Cards, RBL Bank.

With our evolving lifestyles our preferences are also evolving. Online food ordering has not just made our lives easier, but it has offered us a variety of choice just with one tap of our fingertip. In such a scenario, it would be interesting to note the significant value will this co-brand card proposition brings along.