​Illegal sale of meat would not be allowed in Dehradun, says Kaushik Madan

The minister also directed officials to deal strictly with illegal meat shops owners and initiate action against them
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Urban development minister Madan Kaushik has called for a crackdown on illegal sale of meat and selling of meat in the open. In a meeting at Bijapur guest house, Kaushik said that selling of meat in the open would not be allowed in Dehradun.

However, those who want to continue to sell meat in the open can do so in a non-disputed land which would be identified by the administration, nagar nigam and food safety officer after a survey.

Moreover he directed the officials of Dehradun Municipal Corporation and other departments concerned to hold public awareness campaigns and ask shopkeepers not to sell meat in the open.

According to estimates, there are over 50 illegal abattoirs in the district, of which majority are running in the outskirts of the city.

In April, teams of the food safety department had raided a few slaughterhouses located at Innamullah Building near railway station and Muslim colony in Kargi.