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The Indian Culinary Forum is the Indian association of professional chefs. It was formed at New Delhi in 1985, under the stewardship of Chef Arvind Saraswat, as an exclusive non-profit organization, dedicated solely to the advancement of the culinary art of India. The forum's objective is to act as a link, a platform and an instrument for the national community of chefs.

Mr. Manbeer Choudhary was elected as The Founder President. All the 8 founder members were determined to bring all Private Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs & Resorts Owners of Haryana to encourage the feeling of Fraternity in the Hospitality family of State.The World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) is a 93 nation fellowship comprising of various professional chef organizations from around the world. WACS endorses the ICF, thereby, has an international culinary focus and staging of its various competition, seminars and events.
The aims of the ICF, broadly, are:

  • To encourage and inspire junior chefs through training and competition
  • To enhance internationally the culinary prestige to India.
  • To encourage Indian nationals to consider a career within the hospitality industry.

ICF is dedicated to enhancing the culinary arts in the country and supporting the efforts of chefs in achieving this through a whole spectrum of programmes. The central agenda of the organization is as follows:
  • To defend the general interests of the profession by preserving, propagating and developing the genuine principles of the culinary art.
  • To chronicle and distribute information that will be of value to members.
  • To safeguard and further the dignity and high vocational and social standing of the profession.
  • To create awareness about Indian cuisine through various media in international markets.
  • To educate people about cuisine and the profession of the chef.
  • To organize regional and national culinary shows that promotes excellence in the field of food production. The best national talents could represent India and be honored by various international culinary associations.
  • To establish partnerships with hotels, schools and support apprenticeship and training programs.
  • To publish a quarterly newsletter for members as well as a national directory of chefs.
  • To assist professional chefs in the publishing of books and writing of articles on their specialty cuisines.
  • To form a care body that will interface with the government for the development of the chef community.
  • To make our country a proud and respected member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) and thereby help in the globalization of Indian chefs.
  • To enable the fraternity to remain competitive, both nationally and internationally, especially by addressing changing trends and emerging challenges.
  • ICF over the years has initiated various programmes in the northern region to create awareness about the forum.
Today HRAH can boast of many owner members representing Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs & Resorts. 5 Star Deluxe Hotels, 4 Star Hotels, 3 Star Properties and world class Golf Clubs, Restaurants & Resorts have come up in Haryana.

HRAH, for the last 21 years have been voicing the Concerns of Hospitality industry to the respective State Government of Haryana and have succeeded in getting necessary & timely relief from time to time.
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