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Food and Beverage Buzz (FnB Buzz) is a premier world-class and First and Only ISO 9001:2015 certified food and beverage monthly magazine in India covering the entire gamut of the ever-evolving food and beverage world while exploring the rich culinary heritage of India. The in-depth analyses by industry stalwarts and passionate connoisseurs make for an interesting read. FnB Buzz aspires to create an impact on the food and beverage consumer market by leading campaigns of awareness, espousing for a better understanding of the food and beverage intake in daily lives and by driving home the comprehensive industry behaviour. We would like to zealously pursue the insights of the acclaimed names in the F&B world as much as we will pursue to nurture the budding enthusiasts. The content of the magazine will not only inspire food lovers but will engage the decision makers of the F&B world for a better food security and scrutiny. FnB Buzz is an instant connection to the government, private and corporate F&B establishments in India and worldwide. This magazine will have special emphasis on the Culinary Tourism in every edition.
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