Indian Home Show 2012

Mr. Rod Young
Managing Director, DC Strategy, Australia

Rod Young, Managing Director, DC Strategy, is considered as one of the world’s leading franchise consultants. He has over 30 years of experience in franchising, licensing and business development in Australia, Europe, China, South East Asia, India and the United States.

Rod is a versatile management professional with a broad range and depth of experience establishing a consulting conglomerate developing networks and brands and has been a key advisor to some of Australasia’s leading groups. His advice has transformed smaller businesses into national and international chains and has steered larger organisations in using franchising or licensing as a management and marketing tool. His business interests have also included roles as both a franchisee and franchisor.

Rod has also been instrumental in the development of leading edge franchise services including Franchise Program Development, Franchise Marketing, Franchise Financial Services and Franchise Personnel and HR.

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