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Conference Agenda

DAY 1 - AUGUST 27, 2012
10:00 - 11:30 Inaugural Session : "THE FOOD SERVICE VISION: Restaurant Industry 2012 and Beyond"

Welcome Address: Ms. Ritu Marya-Editor in Chief, Retailer, Franchise India Holdings Ltd
Inaugural Address: Mr. Niren Choudhary, Managing Director, Yum! Restaurants India Pvt. Ltd. & Conference Chair

Session 1
Session Highlights
  • Economic Forecast for the Restaurant Industry
  • Movements, trends & new leadership in Food Service Business
  • Need for better food processing infrastructure in India
  • The food inflation challenge :Fixing the volatile commodity price effects on ROI performance
  • Financing Opportunities In Govt Guaranteed Loans

Session Chair: Mr. Niren Chaudhary, President, Yum! Restaurants India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Sunil Kapur, Chairman, Blue Foods & Travel Food Services
Mr. Navin Kumar Maini, Deputy Managing Director, SIDBI, Lucknow
Mr. Manu Anand, Chairman & CEO, Pepsi Co. India
Mr. Akshay Bector, Managing Director, Mrs. Bector Foods (Cremica Food Specialties)
Mr. Vikas Mittal, Managing Director, McCain Foods India Pvt. Ltd.
11:30 - 11:45 Networking Tea/Coffee
11:45 - 12:35 Session 2
THE ANATOMY OF A CONSUMER: Connecting Consumers with Profitability
Session Highlights
  • Understanding the eating out trends
  • Need to profile consumers' needs
  • Filling out the gap in institutional catering services in India
  • Families Matter! Why This Valuable Segment Warrant more loyalty building spend
  • Keeping the consumer coming back for more
  • Opportunities for Increasing Consumption: A Fresh Take on Strengthening Food Safety quality – A policy thrust
Mr. Pankaj Chaddah, COO, Zomato
Dr. A. Madhavan, Asst. Director, FSSAI
Mr. Sanjeev Mehandiratta, Group Advisor-Food and Beverages, Café Coffee Day
Mr Ashish Kapur, Managing Director, Yo!China*
12:35 - 13:30 Session 3
  • Best practices in Foodservice operations, relative to sales-building
  • The Lifespan of Menu Trends- The Business Case for Menu R&D
  • Additional revenues in Catering & Home Delivery
  • Cost Audit & Control in Foodservice operations
  • Growth Vs. Operational Improvement deals
Session Chair: Mr. Marut Sikka, food consultant and restaurateur, Magique
Mr. Rahul Akerkar, Managing Director & Director Cuisine,Indigo (Degustibus Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.)
Mr. Shiv Karan Singh, Director, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Saurabh Khanijo, Director, Welgrow Hotel Concepts Pvt. Ltd. (Kylin)
Mr. Vikas Arora, Executive Director, Precious Hospitality& Leisures Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Prosenjit Roy Choudhury, CEO Barbeque Nation
13:30 - 14:30 Networking Lunch
14:30 - 15:00 Keynote 1
Raising the Growth Bar --- A Keynote by Mr. Rod Young, Managing Director, DC Strategy, Australia
15:00 - 16:15 Session 4
FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH- How to access capital for growth
Session Highlights

  • How private equity firm promotes operational improvement and synergies
  • How PE Firms are leading M&A deals in Restaurant Industry
  • Private Equity Vs Bank Loans
Session Chair: Mr. Samir Kuckreja, President, National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) and Founder & CEO, Tasanaya Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Hemendra Mathur, Managing Director, SEAF India Investment Advisors
Mr. Sandeep Kohli, Sr. Advisor, TVS Capital Funds Ltd.
Mr. Siddharth Lal, Sr. Vice President, Rabo Equity Advisors
Ms. Seema Jhingan, Senior Partner, Lex Counsel Law Offices
16:15 - 17:00 Session 5
Enabling and Motivating Franchise Growth
Session Highlights
  • Business Opportunities in Restaurant Franchising
  • Multiple Unit, Multiple Concepts: How the modern day franchisee profile is changing
  • Building the franchisor-franchisee relation on communication & sound strategy
  • Drawing the line- control concerns: finance, IP & property
Session Chair: Mr. Rod Young, Managing Director, DC Strategy, Australia
Mr. Manmohan Kohli, Owner, Hotel Aroma Vikram
Mr. Rajeev Panjwani, CEO, Travel Food Services
Mr. James R. Walker, Chief Development Officer, Brass Tap, USA
Mr. Shivshankar R, Director, Barista Lavazza
Mr. Pravin Juneja, Managing Director, South Asian Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.
17:00 - 17:15 Networking Tea/Coffee
17:15 - 18:15 Session 6
Blueprint For Building A Talent Pool- Developing work ethic in restaurant workplace
  • Latest Ways to Recruit and Retain today’s Workforce
  • How can inspired staff be trained to turn customers into fans?
  • Strategies to build a culture of dedicated services
  • Fighting the battle of low productivity, declining confidence and young employees not prepared to work.
  • Training for skill development- a nationwide concern
Session Chair: Mr. Alok Shivapuri, Principal, Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa
Mr. Ranjan Choudhury, Head Principal- Program Development, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
Mr. Deepak Behl, Chief People Officer, The Kwality Group
Mr. Ajay Khanna, Sr. VP-Hospitality Business,Team Lease Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Venkatraman Girish, Sr. Vice President-Human Resources, Jubilant Foodworks Ltd.
Day 2 - AUGUST 28, 2012
10:00 - 10:15 Keynote 1
Becoming a Restaurant Chain-Samir Kuckreja, President, NRAI and Founder & CEO, Tasanaya Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
10:15 - 11:15 Session 1
CHAIN RESTAURANT STRATEGIC PLANNING-- Regional vs, National Business Growth plan
Session Highlights
  • Menu Engineering & Design Planning
  • Concept standardization and establishing successful partnerships with vendors
  • Understanding unit expansion, operating margins, outsourcing & return on capital
  • How to Decide Whether to Open, Relocate, Remodel or Simply Close the Store
  • Pricing strategies –How fixed and variable model works
Session Chair: Mr. Samir Kuckreja, President, NRAI and Founder & CEO, Tasanaya Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. R Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Continental Equipment India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Manu Mohindra, Managing Director, Under One Roof Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vijay Abhimanyu, Managing Director, Billion Smiles Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Gokul Krishna,CEO, Cada-Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Tanmay Kumar, Director-Business Development- Yum! Restaurants India Pvt. Ltd.
11:15 - 11:30 Networking Tea/Coffee
11:15 - 11:45 Keynote 2
Building a Restaurant Chain - A Recipe of Success --- Mr. Tapan Vaidya, General Manager- Asia Pasific Region, The Jawad Business Group, UAE
11:45 - 12:45 Session 2
Session Highlights
  • The global marketplace: What to know
  • Is your Brand ready to go global
  • Identifying the Global marketplace: Where & When
  • Collaboration for global outreach
Session Chair- Mr.Tony White, Regional General Manager -Gloria Jeans Coffee, Australia
Mr. Manish Mehrotra, Executive Chef, Old World Hospitality
Mr. Mir Mazharuddin, MD, Hyderabad House Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Rahul Kumar,CEO,Red Mango
12:45 - 13:15 Keynote 3
The New Age Leadership Realities- Vantage Points of Inspiration
Session Highlights

Leadership has taken on many more forms and continues to evolve as the dynamics of people and communication evolve. The reality today is that today the Business owner needs to be crisis-prepared 24/7. It is not a matter of “if” you, as a leader, will deal with crisis; it is a matter of “when.” A thought Leadership session that will allow food operators and entrepreneurs to conquer the emotional paralysis that robs vision and momentum, turning obstacles into incredible opportunities and harnessing the power of change

Mr. Jonathan Jordan, President, Global Change Management, Inc., USA
13:15 - 13:30 Session 3
The Future Of Foodservice Technology
Session Highlights
  • This practical discussion will explore the role that IT can play in an restaurant organization to support & provide integrated brand experience including streamlining the Front of House with focus on Menu engineering, table management, POS, reservations etc.

Mr. Ashish Tulsian, Co- Founder & CEO , POSist Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
13:30 - 14:15 Networking Lunch
14:15 - 15:15 Session 4
Session Highlights
  • The strategy for Location Based Behavioral Targeting
  • Making print work, Maximize Your Media Mix Social Media: The Fundamental Shift into the Future
  • Social Media: The Fundamental Shift in the Future
Mr. Ankur Warikoo, CEO, (by GROUPON Inc.)
Mr. Anil Bhandari, Chairman, A B Smart Concepts
Mr. Saurabh Sengupta, Head of Operations, Zomato
Mr. Bhaskar S, Co-founder, Amagi Media Services
Mr. Sunil Kallerackal, Founder & Chairman, BookyourTable
Mr. Amit Kohli, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Food Panda
15:15 - 16:15 Session 5
Session Highlight
  • Occupancy Costs: When Is Rent Too High and What to Do About It?
  • Why Food courts are under-performing & how developers-operator collaborations can fix it
  • Explore the pros & cons of Food-courts vs Stand-alone dining space
  • Exploring the benefits and problems that surround transit locations (places like airports, metro stations, bus-stands & railway stations) and debate if the transit spots are the true profit pockets.

Session Moderator: Ms. Saloni Nangia, President, Technopak Advisors
Ms. Deepti Goel, Vice President- Retail, Ambience Mall
Mr. Yogeshwar Sharma, Director, Select Citywalk
Ms. Ritu Chaudhri, Vice President-Marketing & Operations, Nirulas
16:00 - 16:15 Networking Tea/Coffee
16:15 - 16:35 Session 6
Hotel Restaurants, Concepts and Eating out Trends
Session Highlights
  • Rise in eating out in Hotel restaurants. How & Why?
  • Hotel chains clocking high revenues from F&B business in their properties
  • Independent restaurants moving in hotel premises & famous hotel restaurants moving out in stand alone locations. Good or Bad?
  • Marketing of Hotel restaurants as a separate entity & How they can provide an integrated brand experience.

Mr. Cajetan A Araujo, Hotel Manager, The Claridges, Surajkund

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