Indian Home Show 2012

Mr. Akshay Bector
Managing Director, Mrs. Bector’s Food Specialities Ltd.

Indian restaurants are also liked by all people across the world. Yet, I find that Indian Restaurants have not achieved the kind of growth either domestically or internationally as have western brands in terms of business spread. Food homogeny and Food safety remains the biggest challenge for Indian restaurant sector. I believe that Standardization in food offerings is the number one roadblock for Indian restaurants to achieve desired growth.

Building a good supply chain should be the number one priority for any young food brand looking to become a Restaurant chain, which will help them, standardize their menus and ensure food safety besides reducing their costs. Developing customised products may look difficult in the beginning for any food brand but eventually it will help them to ensure their unique menu offerings are being delivered consistently across all their stores.

At Cremica, we have taken this mission to help Indian Restaurants achieve higher growth though achieving top of the notch Menu Design, Menu Standardization and a delivery mechanism for meeting Guests desire for high quality food while retaining the need for better value. We aim to be a one stop centre for the back-end needs of Indian Restaurant sector that will enable them to standardize their business practices and therefore pace up their front end units. We are very happy to partner with Franchise India in setting up a Leadership forum to deliberate, debate and develop next generation of Indian Restaurants. At Cremica, we are committed to build solutions to bring International best practices and take Indian Restaurants to Global standards.

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