Jamba Juice drops 'Juice' from its name

The brand will now go by just Jamba accompanied by the tagline Smoothies Juices and Bowls
  • vaishnavi News Editor

Jamba Juice, the health food chain, has squeezed out part of its name. The brand will now go by just "Jamba", accompanied by the tagline, "Smoothies, Juices and Bowls".

The company’s move to simplify its name is aimed towards reflecting a wider array of offerings, which has more than juices. 

The company said, “It's one of many steps to support the brand's renewed commitment to more balanced ingredients that will include expanded plant-based options and reduced sugar selections among other innovations.”

Geoff Henry, President of Jamba, stated, “We've been offering balanced ingredients on the go for almost 30 years and must continue to evolve to meet our guests' ever-changing definition of wellness.”

“We're staying true to our heritage as an innovator in the space and refreshing the brand to stay focused on how we can make it easier, better and faster for guests to live a more active lifestyle. We're proud to have launched the smoothie and juice category three decades ago and can't wait to join our guests' wellness journey for decades to come,” he further stated.