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Grow Your Brand with Restaurant India Investment & Development exhibition. A premium boutique exhibition for restaurant, food and FMCG brands to engage face-to-face with the industry professionals and investors. It is an opportunity to extend your food brand franchise, meet investors and franchisees, and top suppliers from the industry.
Conference Chairpersons over the years
Navin Gurnaney, CEO,
Tim Hortons India

Redefining the Food and Service Industry at the Restaurant India Congress

The Indian Restaurant Congress has become a renowned event within the restaurant community, known for its commitment to delivering a world-class show centred around the business of restaurants in India. With a successful track record of 11 on-ground editions behind it, the Indian Restaurant Congress is back with its highly anticipated 12th annual edition.
In a rapidly digitizing world, we recognize the importance of Tech in Restaurants. Our dedicated panels delve into the implementation of technology in various restaurant operations for enhanced efficiency and profitability. In an effort to recognize outstanding contributions, our program includes the Restaurant Awards and the Restaurateur Awards, acknowledging key players in the industry.
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Insights from the Restaurant Conference: A Stage for Thought Leadership

With the legacy of 11 years, The Indian Restaurant Congress 2023 has grown in the food & restaurant community. In the past, we have received an overwhelming response with more than 200 Speakers sharing their insights.

Our event also paves the way for innovation in the food industry with our Food Expo and Food Summit. Collaboratively, we explore Menu Innovation Summits and discuss the role of the Supply Chain in Restaurants, B2B Restaurant Business, and maximising Profitability in Restaurant Business.

Whether you are keen on exploring the Food Franchising world or aiming to elevate your restaurant game, the Restaurant India Congress is your one-stop destination.

It has been a great networking platform as more than 1000 attendees become a part of the event. To make the event more exciting. We have 50+ categories where top restaurateurs nominate themselves and give themselves a chance to win the most prestigious restaurant awards.
Join us, and let's reshape the future of the food and service industry together.


Indian Restaurant Awards 2023 is the top honour bestowed upon the greatest in the industry who have tirelessly dedicated their lives walking an extra mile to raise the bar of Food & Beverage Sector. This is a precious opportunity to excel your business and hear the elevating tunes of applause by the whole fraternity. These awards will put spotlight on exemplary contributions made by profound profound professionals and passionate restaurant brands. This recognition will enhance your business credibility and would help in restructuring your brand image.

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Restaurant Awards
  • Restaurant of the Year
  • Best NightClub of the Year
  • Best Coffee Chain of the Year
  • Best Tea Cafe of the Year
  • Best Foreign Cuisine Restaurant of the Year
  • Best Indian Cuisine Restaurant of the Year
  • Best Regional Restaurant- North / South/East/West
Innovation Awards
  • Vegan Restaurant of the Year
  • Cloud Kitchen of the Year
  • Community Restaurant of the Year
  • Best Restaurant theme
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Luminaries Awards
  • Restaurant Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Women Restaurant Leader of the Year
  • Young Restaurateur of the Year (Below 35)
  • Best Restaurant Consultant Award
  • Best Chef led Restaurant
Professional Awards
  • Sous Chef of the Year
  • Baker of the Year
  • Pastry Chef of the Year
  • Woman in Restaurant Business
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JURY 2023

Nominate your Restaurant today

Be a part of the most premium gathering of Restaurateurs, Chefs, Investors, Purchase Managers and Decision Makers. Exhibit your product and services to premium F& B community. Connect with top Buyers, Influencers and Operators.

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Session 1: Time:
10:00-10:15 am
Welcome Note Ms. Ritu Marya
10:15-11:15 am
Inaugural Session
Restaurant Industry 2023 & Ahead: Exploring Challenges & Growth in a Developing market
11:15-11:30 am
Networking Tea
11:30-12:00 pm
Keynote Session
12:00-1:00 pm
How restaurant brands are scaling and maintaining unit economics
  • Soul & Scale: Bringing Customer’s Back to the Table
  • Investing in restaurant technologies that excite diners
  • Curating Experience, Captivating Diners
  • Key strategies to wow! Your customers
1:00-2:00 pm
Networking Lunch
2:00-2:45 pm
Meeting the Future Leaders: How These New Age Restaurateurs are Re-writing the food service rules
Meeting the Future Leaders: How These New Age Restaurateurs are Re-writing the food service rules
  • Influences and Trends Impacting Restaurant Business
  • Hunger for More: Innovation over Continuation
  • Delivery, menu, payment and customer: What Future Holds for these Brands
From Investment to Partnership: How Investor Relation has changed
  • M&A and the Future of the Restaurant Business
  • How VC funding is changing the food game
  • Taking your restaurant Public
2:45-3:45 pm
Redefining the Catering Industry: How Restaurants are taking a bigger pie of it
  • Experience-based Catering: How new age caterers are changing the game
  • Progress towards Greater Sustainability: From ingredient to engaging with ecologically conscious vendors
  • Fusion of Daily Life cuisines
Is Global Growth the Future of restaurants?
  • Lessons Learnt: What top brands have pushed outside their home turf to be a global brand
  • Betting on the biz: Monitoring the right time and Markets to go global
  • Passion over possession: Choosing the Right Partner for Growth
3:45-4:30 pm
Supply Chain Innovation: Why It’s Time to Merge Physical and Digital
  • How Kitchen is playing an important role in digital atmosphere
  • Enabling best technology and supply chain to grow biz
  • Innovation focused on time and value for money
Strategic Alliances for Big Growth
  • Acquisition, Retention: Growing on top strategies
  • Budgeting and financial plantings: Keys to grow your restaurant biz
  • Co-Branding: How it has become bigger
4:30-5:30 pm
Baking Success: How Cafe and Bakery Biz has grown in India
  • Rise of new age bakery, patisserie cafes & chefs
  • Personalising experience: Creating a healthier menu for new age customers
  • Tasting success via expansion
Foodtainment: How Food and Entertainment has become one
  • The rise of new age malls, entertainment spaces
  • Food & Movies : How food and cinema found hit a great note
  • Resizing Restaurants: What becomes bigger, what goes smaller
  • The Changing Food Courts: Making Guest Experiences Count
10:30-11:30 am
How Cloud-kitchen & Delivery is Changing the Food Biz
  • Minimizing operational cost: Re-thinking kitchen equipment and ease of logistics
  • Finding Menu efficiencies– Single kitchen model vs Multiple Menus in a single kitchens
  • Host kitchens – Are they here to stay
Staying One Bite Ahead: Understanding Customer Trends Better
  • Menu Trends by Leading Chefs From India and Global Markets
  • The Lost Recipes make a comeback: Regional cuisines, multi-cultural flavors and Reinvented Foods
  • New age menu innovation: moving towards a Sustainable Futures
  • Healthy is trending: How restaurants are integrating a clean and nutritious menu strategy by new balanced options or cleaning up items
11:30-11:45 am
Keynote Session
Keynote Session
11:45-12:45 pm
The Future of omni-channel in restaurants: What innovation look like for these chains
  • How data can help in better decision making
  • New and Exciting: Embracing Trends that sets you apart
  • Innovating for Growth: leveling up 2023 people strategy
The Rise of Hotel Restaurants: How Top executive Chefs are creating a different flavours
  • With F&B being a cornerstone of most hotels, what are the best ways to maximize revenue in a restaurant space?
  • What are the key elements in play for revamping the hotel restaurant scene?
  • What innovative models are being used?
1:00-2:00 pm
Networking Lunch
Networking Lunch
2:00-2:45 pm
How Automation has Changed Food Service
  • POS and Restaurant technology: making decision better
  • AI & Voice Ordering: Taking digital to next level
  • Customer facing automation: The rise of QR codes, payments, and face technology
New Age Beverages Brands
  • Rise of the Resto-Bar: Delighting with Custom Beverage Experiences
  • Beyond The Food: How bar Teams are ruling the top restaurants
2:45-3:30 pm
Building Customer Loyalty: How to Beat Competition via a Happy Customer
  • Is Social-media your key to loyalty
  • Driving Value & Business: Building IT partnerships to leverage customer growth
  • How Voice and AI is driving customer satisfaction
Understanding the Nightlife Generation
  • How this generation differs from previous generations
  • Patterns of Food & Drink Binging
  • How Big is Big for Nightlife Restaurant and Bar
3:30-4:15 PM
Maximizing Profitability and Reducing Costs
  • Adapting to a volatile market with a little real estate and operations creativity
  • Building a data-driven culture
  • Menu and Inventory Management
Acing the small format restaurant
  • what is the right size
  • how to achieve the desired throughput
  • understanding delivery , takeaway and sit down customer size
  • the right kind of expansion
4:15-5:00 PM
Franchise Innovation
Design That Attract Customers



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