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Virtual Conference Overview

The corporate catering business has taken a hit with WFH and weddings and parties have been a complete no in an otherwise busy wedding season time - how will the Catering Industry survive and sustain through the Covid 19 crisis. The majority of catering companies (particularly SMEs) have faced sharp declines in customer numbers, ruptured asset chains, or other momentous challenges.

Catering Industry and Covid-19 is a virtual conference where catering Industry will come together to provide insights and share their thoughts and action plan post Covid. The session would also focus on the challenges in supply chain, piling up of inventories with raw-materials and commodities, consumer behaviour and forecasting an action plan. The Issues related to commodity price, workforce management, contingency plans will be highlighted..

Who Should Attend ?

  • Caterers
  • Chefs
  • Catering Equipment Suppliers
  • Event Planners
  • Manpower Suppliers

Points of Discussion

  • How can Catering industry build cheaper and Leaner Financial and operational management systems post Covid 19
  • How can the industry address the consumer behaviour for more transparency, hygienic, clean, healthy and nutritious food service going forward?
  • Revenue models: Could the catering industry look for delivery food models?
  • How will the supply chain challenges be significant for companies importing food items
  • Collaborations and JV: Is acquisition and merger on the cards within the industry?

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