Sanjay Vazirani Chairman & MD, Foodlink Services India Pvt Ltd

Sanjay Vazirani saw his life ambition come true when he founded Foodlink Services (India) Private Limited. A post graduate of Cornell, Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management Singapore University, he started as steward in Mumbai before moving onto management positions and proceeding to found his own company in 2003.

With a focused approach Sanjay was able to quickly rise through the ranks and on the way achieved recognition for his innovation and dynamism in ever-evolving Indian hospitality industry. He is acknowledged for organizing a totally scrambled sector of outdoor catering by adopting a thoroughly professional, quality driven and process oriented approach in his passionate venture.

As Sanjay’s first love has always been restaurants, Foodlink has grown into two focused divisions: Foodlink Restaurants Pvt. Ltd & Foodlink Banquets & Catering Pvt. Ltd from a family of 1 to 1200 in 15 years. The brand formats of India Bistro & China Bistro too have received a phenomenal response in India & Dubai and are now diversifying to the geographies of new countries.

Seeing the success of these brands, Sanjay decided to extend the profile of his brands with a new format. The fruition of these thoughts led to the opening of - Glocal Junction.

Born to very a humble family, Sanjay at a very early age understood the value of hard work and integrity. Amidst the glamour and flamboyance of the hospitality industry; Sanjay cares about his people. He identifies their strengths, hones them, and gives them not a life of sustenance but a life of growth. His core team of 8 people with whom Foodlink was invented is till date a part of the family

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