Tarun Sibal Co-Founder, One Fine Meal

A food and liquid culture specialist, Tarun Sibal is an IHM Pusa alumni and started as a Kitchen management trainee at the India Habitat centre in 2003.

A designation of a Sous chef, and MBA later he worked with coveted international food and beverage boards such as the French Ministry of Agriculture, The Meat and Livestock association of Australia and the Irish food board.

Tarun hails from the first catering family of Delhi and is almost hardwired to do what he does. Having, trained with the best and travelled for food and beverage made him well versed with Indian and International cuisine and food cultures.

"Collaborative Cuisine" as he likes to put is across is something that he brings to the table. He firmly believes that food has broken the cuisine barrier and it’s not congenial to segment food any longer. Back in the day he specialized in Indian cuisine but over the years he has evolved to work with distinctive produce and look at food without any preconceived notions.

His idea of food is to make the familiar more exciting and the new more approachable. Tarun is the Co-founder One Fine Meal a boutique Catering company.

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