Awards Registration

Awards Registration

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Award Categories

Kindly select one or more of the following Categories, you would like to nominate for the awards:

Dark Kitchen Awards

  • Dark Kitchen Concept of the Year
  • Best Debutant Dark Kitchen of the Year
  • Best turn-around done by the Dark Kitchen during the Year
  • Emerging Multi- dark kitchen concept
  • Dark Kitchen of the Year (National)
  • Dark kitchen in global cuisine ( Italian, Chinese, Pan-Asian, Middle eastern)
  • Dark kitchen in Indian food ( North Indian, South Indian etc)
  • Dark kitchen with shortest/quick delivery
  • Dark kitchen in the biryani space
  • Innovative Dark-kitchen of the year
  • Dark kitchen serving regional food ( Bihari, Marathi, Rampuri, Bohri, Konkani etc)
  • Best bakery kitchen/delivery
  • Dark kitchen by a chef
  • Dark kitchen with best food packaging
  • Dark kitchen delivering best sandwiches, burger, pasta
  • Dark kitchen with best consumer engagement
  • Cloud-kitchen with best delivery experience
  • Best dark kitchen in beverages
  • Dark kitchen with creative menu
  • Dark-kitchen with best social-media presence
  • Most hygienic dark-kitchen
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