Ranveer Brar

Rajeev Varman

Conference Chairperson & CEO, Burger King India

Come, let’s join hands to build ‘Leadership’ in restaurant business

I am delighted to be chairing Restaurant India 2018. Today the Restaurant sector in India is seeing some exciting times as India is now become top 25 markets n the world to start and build a Restaurant business as per a Technomic report.

Today Indian Restaurant sector is witnessing diversity like never before with new trends, global cuisines adding new flavors on the table. Global Brands and Indian restaurants – new and old have boldly accepted it. But now time has come to look at the big picture. The winners in this dynamic environment will be the one’s who can plan strategically for growth. While delivering a relevant and differentiated proposition to consumers will be critical, mainitaning cost and operational efficiencies will be another key focus to raise big capital for elevating their business to next level.

It is now time to build leadership in Restaurant sector as a precursor for this big growth to happen. Building Leadership is more than just communication, guidance and setting up a good example. One needs to build an organizational value system to take the business to the next level.

It gives me great pleasure to chair this conference that will discuss the art of serving, science of building business leadership and humility for learning from each other’s mistakes while sharing our experiences gained and lessons learnt that will help us discover our own style of management to push the industry to the next level. I invite you to become more personally involved with Restaurant India, which can continue to maintain its relevance to the industry only with the support and commitment of dedicated industry participation.